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DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

Hey Maicurlies,

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So back to the topic, my DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner.

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

Some of you who might have been following me for a while will know that I have a DIY Leave-In Conditioner mix already and might be wondering why another recipe Mai? Well, two reasons: 1. In the old mix I used a conditioner as the base of the recipe but I no longer use that conditioner and 2. my hair wasn’t responding as well as to the old mix as it use to. When that happens my hair is telling me “change the product mix Mai!” Since I do not use too many store brought products I do not have a stash of different leave-ins I can rotate I listen to my hair and rework the recipes instead.:D

I will put a link at the bottom of the post directing you to my old recipe, just so you can see what all I have changed. There are some subtle changes in the new recipe and a few ingredients that I add or omit depending on my mood at the time of mixing.

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)


2.6 oz plain water (I use bottled water)
A couple petals of dried hibiscus (completely optional) – I use about 7
8 oz leave-in conditioner (use any moisturizing leave-in your hair likes)
2 oz Rose Water
0.1 oz Virgin Coconut Oil
0.2 oz Coffee Infused Almond Oil (use any carrier oil)
3 capsules Vitamin E Oil = roughly 0.15 oz
0.1 oz Glycerine

(Additional ingredients I sometimes use)

  • 0.5 oz fresh home made Aloe Vera Juice to the water I use. When I add AVJ I increase the amount of leave-in my 2 oz.
  • Glycerine – I add glycerine if the leave-in being used doesn’t contain it already but mine did.
  • Essential Oil (any oil of choice) – I like the rose scent so I skip the essential oil.

Mixing Instructions

I first add the hibiscus petals to the water and let it sit while I add the other ingredients. First I add the leave-in conditioner with the rose water, virgin coconut oil, coffee infused almond oil and vitamin E oil. I then pour the hibiscus water through a sieve to catch the petals and then whisk. When I use glycerine I add it along with the leave-in and other ingredients. After whisking I transfer the mix into my containers.

Ingredient Alternatives

In case some of the ingredients I use do not play well with your hair they can be replaced by basically anything e.g. castor oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or any other carrier oil in place of/along with the coffee infused almond oil I use. If glycerine is not your favourite you can use honey or agave nectar as a humectant. (The leave-in I was using in the video had Glycerine in it so there was no need to add any more.) 

My next update will be a Spray Leave-In 😀 

I would love to hear if you add any particular ingredients to a store bought leave-in to “boost” its properties! 

(Previous Creamy Leave-In Conditioner Mix)




Birthday Look and What I did

Hey Maicurlies,

So this is going to be a quick post. It actually was my Birthday a week ago (the 7th) so I wanted to share a few details about what I did, what I did with my hair and all the goodies I got! My loved ones spoilt me rotten 😀

So this is what I did with my hair:


 Surprise surprise….a Twist Out! It turned out quite well so I was happy.

I used my leave-in conditioner (my updated mix which I need to post here soon), almond oil and a little whipped butter. I put my hair in 6 twists the night before, covered with a satin scarf and left them in until I was getting ready for the “celebrations”. I took down the twists, separated with a little almond oil on my fingers and fluffed.

So for my “celebration” I went out with my family to this AMAZING Mongolian Restaurant. The food was awesome! The menu included a soup as starter, your main course and dessert. For mains you get to select what you want which could be a mix of: chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp and then a selection of vegetables: carrots, paprika, onions, green beans, tomatoes, spring onions as well as the sauces of which there were about 6 to pick from. You give your bowl to the chef who cooks it in an open kitchen and did I mention you could go for seconds, thirds, etc as many as your stomach can hold! The meats and seafood is kept cold/frozen so that it remains fresh and like I said you could go for only chicken, a combo of chicken and meat and if you are really crazy a mix of both meats and seafood together! Yes I rolled out of there full and happy. Oh and my choice of drink was white wine.

After dinner I went out with my friends for a few drinks…a good number of drinks which were Lychee Martinis! I LOVE this cocktail! My curlfriend got me hooked on them so I had to drag my friends to the best spot for cocktails of course. We ended up in our local spot and was surpirsed with a lovely birthday cake. 

Birthday cake

Now what did I get in terms of presents? I really got spoilt rotten! 


Ok so these are my goodies! My sister and I like to give each other random gifts that we call “silly gifts”. So I got the softest bathrobe/house robe  with matching shoes (It is sooooo soft I want to wear it all day everyday!), a square bean bag seat (silly gift), a cutting board (my sister said so I can prep food for her lol), plant ties (for my soon to be green garden), wireless speakers, red nail polish, iPod Shuffle, Galaxy S4, Tupperware (silly gift), boots (a girl can never have too many boots), kitchen trolley (so I can put all my DIY goodies and other ingredients!), money and I forgot to take a picture of 2 tops I also got.  😀 Can someone say spoilt! 

It was a great Birthday 🙂 however, now I can no longer tick the box of 25 – 30…not so excited about that but hey! 

Have a lovely day Maicurlies! 



Wash and Go with Flax Seed Gel

Hi Maicurlies!

wash-n-go FSG

I decided to make a video of how I do my Wash and Go using my Rosewater infused Flax Seed Gel (FSG). Only then did I notice that I never made a write up of my “Simple Wash and Go”. I need to update my Wash-n-Go Page because it only includes how I maintain a Wash and Go over a week. So I have a little bit of writing to do over the next few days. (I am on it)! 

You can find my Simple Wash and Go method on YouTube as well as my Wash and Go with Flax Seed Gel. I also attached it to my Video page on the blog. These are the products I used (I linked all the recipes as well):

I apply the products in that order and have no issues to “trap” in the FSG with my mixed sealing oil because apart from being a great styling product with hold, FSG is moisturizing and nourishing for the hair and scalp! I also occasionally mix my FSG with my “Creamy” Leave-In Conditioner in a separate container and then apply it in one go. 

I will have a detailed write up of the process … I promise!