DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

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So back to the topic, my DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner.

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

Some of you who might have been following me for a while will know that I have a DIY Leave-In Conditioner mix already and might be wondering why another recipe Mai? Well, two reasons: 1. In the old mix I used a conditioner as the base of the recipe but I no longer use that conditioner and 2. my hair wasn’t responding as well as to the old mix as it use to. When that happens my hair is telling me “change the product mix Mai!” Since I do not use too many store brought products I do not have a stash of different leave-ins I can rotate I listen to my hair and rework the recipes instead.:D

I will put a link at the bottom of the post directing you to my old recipe, just so you can see what all I have changed. There are some subtle changes in the new recipe and a few ingredients that I add or omit depending on my mood at the time of mixing.

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)

DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Creamy)


2.6 oz plain water (I use bottled water)
A couple petals of dried hibiscus (completely optional) – I use about 7
8 oz leave-in conditioner (use any moisturizing leave-in your hair likes)
2 oz Rose Water
0.1 oz Virgin Coconut Oil
0.2 oz Coffee Infused Almond Oil (use any carrier oil)
3 capsules Vitamin E Oil = roughly 0.15 oz
0.1 oz Glycerine

(Additional ingredients I sometimes use)

  • 0.5 oz fresh home made Aloe Vera Juice to the water I use. When I add AVJ I increase the amount of leave-in my 2 oz.
  • Glycerine – I add glycerine if the leave-in being used doesn’t contain it already but mine did.
  • Essential Oil (any oil of choice) – I like the rose scent so I skip the essential oil.

Mixing Instructions

I first add the hibiscus petals to the water and let it sit while I add the other ingredients. First I add the leave-in conditioner with the rose water, virgin coconut oil, coffee infused almond oil and vitamin E oil. I then pour the hibiscus water through a sieve to catch the petals and then whisk. When I use glycerine I add it along with the leave-in and other ingredients. After whisking I transfer the mix into my containers.

Ingredient Alternatives

In case some of the ingredients I use do not play well with your hair they can be replaced by basically anything e.g. castor oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or any other carrier oil in place of/along with the coffee infused almond oil I use. If glycerine is not your favourite you can use honey or agave nectar as a humectant. (The leave-in I was using in the video had Glycerine in it so there was no need to add any more.) 

My next update will be a Spray Leave-In 😀 

I would love to hear if you add any particular ingredients to a store bought leave-in to “boost” its properties! 

(Previous Creamy Leave-In Conditioner Mix)




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