I love rocking a Wash-n-Go and will usually pull off the Wash-n-Go for a week (but this really depends on how my hair is feeling while it is out and “exposed” to the elements and how tangled it gets).  I do this by simply refreshing my curls in the morning and doing the pineapple method at night. The initial day of “setting” my look is done on freshly washed hair after I have Cleansed, Detangled and Deep Conditioned my hair- (refer to my Wash Day Routine tab).

Wash-n-Go Routine

After washing my hair I simply apply my DIY ‘creamy Leave-in’, seal my ends and use a little Flax Seed Gel (FSG) that is it! This is another reason why I like doing this look. It is so so simple! I moisturize, seal and set. All three recipes can be found under my Hair Routines tabs. 


Day 2day 5 

In order to maintain my Wash-n-Go over the week I freshen up my curls every morning. If my hair is not too frizzy or dry I spritz with my spray leave-in and seal with my mixed Oil. When my hair looks very frizzy or feels dry I first spritz with plain water, use coin sized amount of my creamy leave-in per side and seal with my Oil mix. 

Below is an image explanation along with descriptions of how I freshen up my hair. In this example I use my Creamy leave-in for my day 5 Wash-n-Go.

What is your Wash-n-Go routine?




4 thoughts on “Wash-n-Go

  1. Karen Blanchette

    I use shampoo (Aveda or Ouidad)with conditioner , Mixed Chicks Leave-in and Chi oil to seal during the summer (before finding your YouTube DYI’s, it may change), Now, in the winter, I’m using clay to cleanse, aloe/glycerin mixture to close cuticles, Mixed Chicks Leave-in and Henna/Shea Butter along with Henna/Fenugreek strengthening oil to seal. I’m doing twist-outs now as well.

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