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Now I have to first put out there that I am not Queen B in hair styles. I watch a lot of YouTube videos for the majority of my styles but I tend to lean towards low maintenance/low manipulation Hair Styles. So with that in mind, you might think that a lot of my Hair Styles are not overly extravagant (sorry if you were expecting more)!

Having said that, I am always keen to learn new styles and would love it if you would suggest things, perhaps point out styles online that I can look at or maybe you have a video showing how you do a style!

I will link up step by step processes of the styles I do with their appropriate subheadings. They will be photo shots from the videos I make for YouTube. In some cases it might be easier to watch the videos because it can sometimes become a little difficult to write and explain something that needs visual aid. 

The styles I know how to do/have done:

  • Bantu Knots (done once before but need to get a better method)
  • Braids (done overnight for braid-outs)
  • Buns (frequent)
  • Elongated Ponytail (frequent)
  • Flexi Rod (mainly to stretch my hair – need to find a better method to wear Flexi Rod curls) 
  • Twists (frequent)
  • Straw Set Curls (done twice before – will revisit)
  • Wash-n-Go (semi frequent)
  • Random Up-do’s (semi frequent) 

The ones I have yet to try are:

  • Finger Coils
  • Pin curls
  • Lose Twists

These are the ones off the top of my head. I will be adding and removing some once I try them.

Note: As  my hair has grown I have noticed that when my hair is stretched I get less knots and tangles. I also have to admit that I really love wearing my hair out! Not necessarily what people would consider “protective” but it is a guilty pleasure. I also get A LOT of shrinkage as my hair air drys. One more thing worth mentioning is that out of personal choice I do not use heat on my hair. 

I do not own any heating tools because I feel that if I like the results I might become a slave to curling thongs, flat irons, hair dryers etc. and knowing me and my track record that would result in heat damage.

I actually am pretty useless at using them. (I use to own a hairdryer and flat iron back in my relaxed hair days. Now given both were probably not the best quality out there, the fact that I ended up with more damage was not really a surprise).

My personal opinions on the Pro’s and Con’s of not using heat for my own hair:


  • No heat damage
  • No time spent straightening my hair (do not get me wrong I would LOVE to know what my hair would look like!)


  • I am sort of “avoiding” a potential new style. 
  • It takes me a little longer to get my hair dry since I air dry.

What about you? What are your “go-to” styles?




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