twist out

Twist-Outs were one of my favorite “go to” styles after I went natural and finally found out about them. I say finally because during my transition I had no clue what twist-outs were (yes I lived under a rock!) It wasn’t until 2011 (approx 1 year fully natural) that I found out about them and I was IN LOVE! 

Since my Twist-outs are a result of my Twists I have 2 main types of Twist-outs (I do not do Small Twist-Outs):

  • Chunky Twist-Out – usually set overnight and taken down the next morning. I try to pull off a Chunky Twist-out for about four to five days (by the end of it my hair just because a little too messy.)
  • Normal Twist-Out – I try to pull them off for a week sometimes if I am not in the mood to deal with my Wash Day Routine I will re-twist my hair to “reset” the Twist-out.  

The methods to my Twist-outs are the same for both, the only difference is that for my Chunky Twist-outs I like to make them a little fluffier and less “neat”. I undo the twists, separate each section of the twists a couple of times and lift my roots to reduce the “flat top look” and that is it. 

Products Used:

  • Mixed Sealing Oil (just a tiny bit to reduce frizz while undoing and separating the twists.)

I have made write-ups along with the pictures of the 2 main Twists that I use (Just click each title below).

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