Castor Oil Blend

Castor oil, Rose infused grapeseed oil & peppermint Essential Oil

Castor oil, Rose infused Grapeseed oil & Peppermint Essential Oil

I did a Castor Oil challenge and wanted to share my Castor Oil blend for now that I used during the challenge. I actually also continued to use this blend afterwards to:

  • Massage my scalp
  • Massage my hairline
  • Seal the ends of my hair

Since I have fine hair I was worried that my hair would feel greasy or that my scalp would feel icky and clogged but I can honestly say NO it does not! Having said that I do not use straight Castor Oil which is why my hair does not get weighed down. I basically “dilute” the Oil and that cuts down on the thickness and stickness that naturally comes with Castor Oil. 


I use 70% Castor Oil

  • Increase hair growth
  • Promotes healthy hair due to omega-6 essential fatty acids
  • Thickens thinning hair
  • Reduces hair damage
  • Eliminates dry scalps and hair
  • Helps reduce scalp irritations due to anti-bacterial and fungal properties
  • Helps retain moisture in the hair and scalp
  • Excellent sealing oil
  • Promotes shiny hair
  • Boost your hair’s overall health
  • Helps retain moisture
  • Provides Shine
  • Strengthens hair at the root
  • Protects against frizz
  • Gives the hair a boost of luster
  • Helps stimulate growth (when massaged on the scalp)
  • Can help relieve psoriasis & dandruff – (consult your dermatologist)
I use 7 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

I use 7 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

  • Soothing effect to the scalp
  • Helps combat dandruff and lice
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Helps relive scalp irritations due  to antiseptic properties
Castor Oil Blend

Castor Oil Blend

You do not have to use the exact same carrier oils I used to blend in with the castor so just use whatever your hair likes. The same applies for the Essential Oil, which peppermint is excellent for stimulating hair growth and has antibacterial properties there are different alternatives you can use.

I pour my blend in a spray bottle that ends up working more like a pump because the consistency of the oil is still somewhat thick even with it being diluted a little but it works nonetheless. I use just about a coin size amount on either side of my scalp, half a coin size for my hairline and again a coin size dollop on the ends of my hair on either side (left & right).

I have a YouTube Video of how I make my oil as well (below):

If you use Castor oil I would love to hear how you use it. If you blend castor oil please let me know!

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