Ballet Bun

This is a simple way to do a bun. I turn to this when I really can not be bothered to “style” my hair or if I just want a simple protective style that takes less than 5 minutes.

Requirements for look:

  • Medium to long hair (you will need to be able to twist your hair around and then wrap it around to form the bun.)
  • A hair bubble to tie the base ‘ponytail’ (maybe one extra to have extra hold.)
  • Bobby pins (optional) – I use them to hold the bun down in place.
  • Gel (optional) – if you want a sleek finish at the base.

How to do the style:

I start off with a ponytail and use my Spray Leave-In Conditioner to make sure my hair is moisturized before I tuck it away. You can click on the images below for step by step instructions.


That’s it folks!



2 thoughts on “Ballet Bun

  1. Dyonteniece Rice

    I really like the tutorial you did of this bun. Is it OK to sleep in this bun or let it be for a week? I want to be able to wear a bun and have it last all week of possible.

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    1. maicurls Post author

      Hi Dyonteniece,

      Thank you and thank you for commenting!
      I actually do not sleep with a bun in my hair for a week. I do not really suggest that just because buns can put stress on our edges (even loose buns can put on pressure that is not normally there when our hair is down). I recommend that perhaps every other night with a scarf around your edges. The remaining days I tend to take the bun down in a loose ponytail and a scarf around my edges. In the morning I touch up my edges and just redo the bun. Also I like to remoisturize my hair during the week so regardless I end up redoing my bun at some point during the week. Hope that helps! Thanks again 🙂



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