There are a number of different types of twists one can do. I basically do two strand twists in three sizes depending on time and mood.

  • Chunky Twists – usually kept in overnight to set and taken down the next morning (for fluffy twist-outs) I do not wear Chunky Twists as a “style”. 
  • Normal Twists – I usually leave them in for a little bit (about 1 week – 10 days) but since I have never parted my hair neatly when I did them I would just cover them up with a scarf. (*update – I have been parting them somewhat neater so I am a little happier to wear my hair out – pictures below). 
  • Small Twists – I did them for the first time ever in (August 2013). I will probably attempt them again but maybe just a tiny bit bigger because it took ages. 

I first divide my hair into three sections (left, middle, right). I wear my hair with a side parting to the right, so the front right will have a little more hair compared to the left. In each of those three sections I will part them further into three sections; this means I have nine sections. I then part my hair and twist.

Products Used:

  • Leave-In Conditioner (to moisturize)
  • Mixed Sealing Oil (to seal in the moisture)
  • Flax Seed Gel (sometimes.) – When I decide to use my Gel I generally mix it with my Leave-In Conditioner in a separate container or my Fluffy Coconut Oil-Cream. 

I have made write-ups along with the pictures of the three main Twists that I use (Just click each title below).

  • Chunky twists (Coming soon)
  • Normal twists (Coming soon)
  • Small twists

Normal Twists

Chunky Twists

Small Twists


  • When I finish a twist I use bobby pins down the length of the twist to sort of hold them down  in order to avoid them getting bumpy, bendy and curling up. It is easier to hold them down once you have 2 or 3 Twists and just keep adding more to completed sets.

You can curl ends with drinking straws. Yes drinking straws! Now I know a lot of people use Flexi rods or curlers on their ends but if I feel Flexi Rods and curlers are too ‘heavy’. (I think it would put a lot of strain on the roots). I suggest cutting straws into three pieces and then wrapping your hair around them. If you have mini twists (or mini braids) take random chunks of twists together, wrap the ends around the straws and bobby pin them. If you have medium to large twists (or braids) you can wrap them individually.

  • In order to keep my twists somewhat straight and stretched I wrap them around my head (and then cover with a scarf at night). I use bobby pins to hold them in place. I have attached pictures of this. I do this when I do my normal Twits for my Small Twists and even my Chunky Twists.

What is your personal favorite Twists?




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