Flexi Rods

Two different styles once I took down the flexirods

                               Two different styles once I took down the Flexirods

Flexirods…Flexirods…Flexirods! I think I will most probably have a love-hate relationship with Flexirods. I LOVE the results but I HATE the process. I am sure if I were using heat to set my hair I would LOVE the whole process but let me explain all that below. 

My Current Process January 2014

Products/Tools Used:

  • 58 Flexirods (a mix of yellow & purple which were basically the same size)
  • DIY Creamy Leave-In Conditioner
  • DIY Flaxseed Gel
  • DIY Mixed Sealing Oil

I set the look on dry hair that was stretched (it probably did not make much of a difference that my hair was stretched but it did mean I had no tangles.) I first applied a little bit of my DIY Creamy Leave-In Conditioner followed by my DIY Flaxseed Gel and to finish I applied my Mixed Sealing Oil. 


After applying the products I then started with the Flexirods. I first curled the ends of my hair around the Flexirod and then slowly started to wind the Flexirods upwards towards my scalp and then close off the Flexirods. 


After putting in the Flexirods I let them sit in my hair overnight. I only covered my hair right before I went to sleep to try and make sure my hair was not damp by the products. 

Flexirods installed

                                              Flexirods installed

The next morning (after an extremely restless night) I took down the scarf and unwound the Flexirods by taking them down in the opposite direction of how I installed them.


My hair looked like this when I took everything down.


Once all of the Flexirods were taken down, I then put a tiny amount of DIY Mixed Sealing Oil onto my fingertips and ran my fingers over my hair in order to limit frizz when I started to separate my hair. I slowly and carefully separated the curls once at the most but sometimes two times. 


After separating my hair I then lifted and fluffed my roots with my fingers 


This is what it looked like once I finished fluffing.

Flex Rod

I decided to pin up my hair that day because it was really really windy outside. 

Flexi rod pin up

What is your Flexirod method? I would love to hear from you!




5 thoughts on “Flexi Rods

  1. Pure

    I really love this look its frizz free and beautiful. I have quite a few flexirods so maybe I just need to be patient and follow your directions. Again beautiful results.


    1. maicurls Post author

      Thank you so much Pure! 🙂 Being patient definitely will help. I still think I could do a little better so practice practice practice. This time was definitely better than when I first tried. I don’t know if I used too many Flexirods only because I had to sleep with them on my head and that seriously was uncomfortable! A hooded dryer would result in less sleepless nights but I make do. I would love to hear about your results once you try flexirods :). Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting!


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