DIY Under-Eye Cream

DIY Under-Eye Cream (for the night)

Some of us (such as yours truly) are cursed with bags under our eyes and dark circles. For some it is hereditary and others due to lack of sleep, not the best diet or even illness.  Now for me it is a bit of a combination; dark circles and bags under the eyes runs in the family and I also have a crazy work schedule, so in order to try fight this I like to use a nighttime under-eye cream. I have tried several different types of store bought creams some which worked and others that didn’t and all cost a pretty penny! So of course I now make my own and I really enjoy using this mix. 

A lot of the ingredients I use are already part of my skin care routine and the most of you will probably also have these ingredients in your stash so why not try this cream right? The process is really simple and quick so let’s get started! 

DIY Under eye cream


Mix Instructions – (I used a 1.7oz container)

  1. I measure out 0.5oz Pure Cocoa Butter and 0.3 oz Pure Coconut Oil and placed them in a heat proof glass to double broil.
  2. I double broil for less than 5 minutes on medium heat, take it off the heat and add 0.1 oz of my DIY Coffee Infused Oil. (You do not have to use this particular carrier oil however coffee/caffeine is excellent for reducing puffiness).
  3. I place the mix in my freezer for 10 minutes to let it become a little thick and hard.
  4. I mix everything together with a spoon, add 3 capsules of Vitamin E Oil (roughly 0.15 oz) and mix again for 5 minutes till it becomes a smooth yogurt like consistency. (You might need to rigorously mix).
  5. Transfer the mix into a container and let it rest. (In picture 5 the “cream” still has a yogurt-like consistency right after mixing.)
  6. After it has “set” the consistency resembles more of a thick cream which is a little firm but easily comes out of the jar with a simple pat with your finger over the cream.


After you have washed your face, removed your makeup and done your nightly routine, make sure your hands are clean and dry before applying. You only need to use a tiny tiny dab under each eye at night and gently glide your finger over your skin. It will melt immediately upon contact and will absorb easily (just make sure not to use too much!) With frequent use it should help reduce puffy under eyes, dark circles as well as help reduce fine lines. Do not get the cream in your eyes because it might sting and remember a little goes a LOOONG way! 

Please keep in mind, in some cases puffy under-eyes and dark circles can be hereditary or a sign of illness and this cream is not meant to be a replacement for any medication/ointments provided from medical professionals. This mix is just for informational purposes and should not be seen as a medical solution! 

TIP: This mix should last you a long time if you use it lightly and the shelf life should be at least 6 months – 1 year. Always use clean and dry hands when applying the product to avoid contamination in the jar since there are no preservatives and try to use an airtight container for longer shelf life. You can store the cream in your fridge during the summer, this will make the cream hard but it still will melt upon contact with your skin nonetheless. 

 *I have a list of all the benefits and properties of each ingredient used here*




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