Rosewater Flaxseed Gel

I have mentioned the benefits of Rosewater for Hair and Skin and in honor of Rosewater (which I LOVE) I have been experimenting. What did I do? Rosewater Infused Flaxseed Gel (FSG)! Verdict? I LOVE it!

Rosewater Infused Flaxseed Gel

Apart from that delicious Rose smell I love the moisturizing effects I get from the gel. I normally make FSG with either plain distilled water or distilled water and Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ) and my hair does feel moisturized from it but the Rosewater seems to give it that edge!

So after weeks of experimenting I can say I absolute love incorporating Rosewater to my gel!


  • 2 cups of Distilled Plain Water
  • 1/2 cup Rosewater
  • 1/2 cup Flax Seeds – (use less seeds if you want a thinner gel)
  • 1 teaspoon Grapeseed oil (use any carrier oil of choice)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Glycerin (optional – not everyone hair likes Glycerin) 
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil (use any EO of choice) 

I manage to get 3/4 cup of thick FSG with this recipe. If you do not like your Gel to be thick you can use less flaxseeds. While the Gel is thick I do not get any flaking or crunch (if I use too much gel and my hair does feel a little “stiff” it goes away once I scrunch my hair.)

I have a video demonstrating how I make my Rosewater Infused Flaxseed Gel.

I also have my “original” FSG recipe listed on my Blog here. I love experimenting so I am sure that Rosewater Infused Flaxseed Gel will not be my last experiment but I must say this is going to be my staple. 

Have you used Rosewater in your FSG? If so, what is your recipe and how does yout hair respond to it? If not, how do you make your DIY Gel?




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