Regular Normal Bun

I would say this is my favorite of all the buns I do with my hair. I like the fact that while it is not necessarily “messy” I still keep the integrity of my curls by not making the bun too tight or smoothing out the curls. 

Requirements for look:

  • Medium to long hair (you will need enough hair to pull through the hair bubble and form the bun)
  • A hair bubble
  • Bobby pins (optional) – I sometimes use them to hold the bun down in place.

How to do the style:

Using a hair bubble I wrap the hair bubble around my hair twice and during the second time I almost pull all my hair through the hair bubble (like a ponytail) but I do not take all the hair through. I leave the ends and the rest of my hair forms the bun. I wrap the hair that was not pulled through the hair bubble around the base of the bun and tuck my ends away. You can click on the images below for step by step instructions.

Simple as that!



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