This is my first Blog! I got inspired to make a blog due to my passion about my Natural Curly Hair. It took me a while to find my way with my Hair… I had a few pit falls and moments of weakness but I wouldn’t change a thing now! I basically got to know my Hair due to the help I found online through (YouTube, Forums, Blogs etc). This is why I wanted to make this a ‘giving back’ blog where I plan to share my experiences, routines, methods and tips. I know my Hair better than anything else so a lot of the information will be based on what has worked/not worked for me as well as tips I have read, researched etc.  I also will touch upon Skin Care and Health tips and routines that I incorporate into my life.

I could spend hours talking about hair, I have probably (most likely) driven friends and family up the wall. So this blog is also a way for me to communicate with others who are passionate, curious to learn and willing to exchange ideas, experiences, advice, suggestions and so on.

I feel that while I have completely transitioned to my natural hair I am still on a Hair Journey because I keep learning new things and I am always keen to learn new things! I am currently on a DIY frenzy for my hair and skin care and I am loving it! I am a hair and skin care DIY mixologist at heart (when I was a child I use to get my dad to bring home different liquids etc for me to experiment with – science related and I think I just carried that with me!).

I am open to suggestions, comments, feedback and debates so please feel free to leave me messages! I also would love to hear any style suggestions and so on you might have for me (you can never know too many styles)!

I hope you enjoy my blog!





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    1. maicurls Post author

      Thank you Késiena!

      Yes I am on Google+ here I will check out your’s too! I actually think I have seen your profile on hairlista I am on there too will send you an add request 🙂



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