Rocking Your Curls

Show of those curls! We would love to see you showcasing your style of choice! If you would like to have your curls popping on the blog  refer to the Spotlight Tab for details on how to submit your pictures and descriptions!

Sit back, take a few minutes and indulge!



Mel – Fro Loving!

Fro loving

  • How often you do this style

While this is my favorite style because it is so fun I usually do this maybe every 2 or 3 weeks or when I am going out to an event/party. The first picture is from a previous Halloween party (it was so much fun doing a Fro-hawk and getting to play with colors in my hair). 

  • How long it takes you

When I first do the style it takes me time because I actually style it on freshly washed hair. The longest processes is combing out the fro. I try to be as gently as I can and the combing takes me at least 20 – 30 minutes. When I wash my hair I use conditioner let that sit in my hair for a little bit so that it softens my curls and makes it a little easier to detangle. So the entire process from start to end can take up to 1 hour (including conditioning, detangling and styling). 

  • How long it lasts

I like to leave my hair out for at least a few days (especially since it takes me a while to get it looking fierce). After day 1 I will “freshen-up” my hair with water and a little leave-in conditioner and continue to do that for at least 3 days. While I like having my hair out I know it can be a little drying so I do want to protect my hair so I tend to put it up in a bun if it is not out. (If I could I would wear it out in a fierce fro 24/7 I would!)

  • The products/tools you use

Detangle/Wash – Conditioner & Wide Tooth Comb

Style – Leave-In Conditioner

Seal – Oil

Thank you Mel for letting us know about your favorite style!





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