(2009 – 2013) Summary Look

With the New Year approaching I was going over some old and new photos (reminiscing.) I decided to combine a few together to sort of “montage” a collection of how  my hair has progressed from my transitioning days to present day. 

From my Transition to my Natural Curls

                                                     From my Transition to my Natural Curls

  • Top Row:  Last Relaxer done that year – Photos during my transition from 2009 to 2010.

The very first photo is from right at the start of my transition. Look at that stringy, brittle, dry and oddly colored hair! The following three continue from there. The last one was taken in December 2009. I had no idea about blending two textures with Twist-outs, Bantu knot-outs etc. so I was walking around with two textures in that color for most of the transition (I also dyed it back dark at some point.)

  • Second Row: All my natural (was still using hair dyes) – I finished transitioning 2010.

These photos are after I had fully transitioned back to my natural curly. I had snipped off my relaxed ends which also were breaking off on their own over time, until I was back to natural. I had no idea what to do with my hair and did not know about protective styles so most of the time I styled it in a Wash-n-Go.

  • Third Row: Trial and Error Phase and was trying to take better care of my hair – 2011

I was in the mist of my “Trial and Error” phase and started to try and build a routine. I also finally started to do protective styles, found out about things like twist-outs which I LOVED and also made the decision to stop using hair dyes.

  • Fourth Row: Built my routine and was taking better care of my hair – 2012

This is where my hair really started to get into its element. I had products that my hair liked, a routine that was working for me, I was protecting my hair and enjoying different hair styles. I also started noting down common ingredients that my hair seemed to love (looking at the back of the different products I used.)

  • Last Row: I do not want to brag buuuut I’m LOVING my hair! – 2013

At the start of 2013 I started thinking that I could try and use my own products for my hair by incorporating more natural ingredients into my routine based on the common ingredient list I made in 2012. I wanted to really know what I was putting on & in my hair. I started combining everything and testing them out till mid 2013 when I finally got to a place where I felt like I had products I could use every time. This actually led me to wanting to do the same for my skin care as well as taking better control of what I ingest (I wanted to live healthier both externally and internally.) 

THE END! (So Far)! 😀 

As I mentioned in my previous post here… I just wanted to compile this in the hopes that it might help motivate someone out there that is on the fence about going natural, transitioning, Big Chopped, recently natural (or even fully natural.) My hair really has changed for the better!




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