Head Wraps

Hey Maicurlies,

So I always come up with new things that I like to obsess about and my recent obsession are head wraps and using scarves as wraps. 

I am not an “expert” but I enjoy playing around with them and creating styles that I like to rock! I always thought “I couldn’t pull off these styles” because in my mind I thought certain faces work best with wraps and that it would be difficult to style however, if I can pull them off so can you! 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a ton of fabric shops, literally every district, town, city here has a TON of fabric shops so I either get them by the meter or I will just pick up some scarves from shops e.g. H&M, Mango, Forever 21 and other local shops too.

Why use head wraps/scarves?

I like using them because 1. they are so pretty! all the colours and prints are just gaaawgeous, 2. I always seem to feel proud (I can not explain why) whenever I rock a head wrap/scarf and 3. you can use them as a protective style when you don’t want to do your hair, if you are having a “bad hair day” (whatever that means) or perhaps if you are doing a Deep Condition and have to run out the house (yes I have done that!).

Check the subsection of this page (on the menu) for some of the wraps I have done along with videos. I shall be adding to the compilation as I record more videos. 

Tips: There are a few things you might want to consider.

  1. I like to use my night time scarf which is either made of silk/satin to cover my hair first before I use the other fabrics. This way my hair won’t lose any moisture from the cotton or other fabric the colourful scarf/warp is made of.
  2. Try not to tie the scarf/wrap too tightly around your hairline since it can cause breakage!
  3. If you are going for a protective/low manipulation style then it is best to try keep your hair covered underneath the scarf/wrap. (However, there are some styles where you might want to let your curls peek out 😉 )
  4. If you are using two or more wraps for a certain style, try to use fabrics that are similar in colour and/or pattern so that it blends well together (if that is what you are going for).
  5. If it your first time, do not get frustrated or demotivated because it might take you a few trials to get the look you want (trust me I had to try several times).

2 thoughts on “Head Wraps

  1. Tee

    Thanks Mai I so love this I wear scarves have been wearing them for Years but never this cute before,you just gave me some ideas for protective styles for the upcoming Cooler Months.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maicurls Post author

      Hey lovely! My pleasure :D. I swear scarves are my saviors on “bad hair days”, when I am lazy or want to leave my hair alone. Today I had my hair in twists, threw on a scarf with just a few twists at the front showing and voila I was ready to spend the day shopppping! 😀



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