Personally in my opinion buns are a form of protective style. Everyone has their own opinions and consider different looks as protective styles. The reasons why I consider buns as a protective styles are because:

  1. My ends are tucked away so there is less chances of them breaking or snapping off.
  2. My Hair is out of the way and not rubbing against my clothes which means they are less likely to snag or catch on my clothes. 
  3. Once my hair is in a bun I leave it alone.
  4. I do not tie  the hair bubble tight when doing the base (ponytail) so there is no strain or pressure on my roots. my hair.
  5. I lightly Oil the hair bubble so it is not dry and does not suck the moisture from were it is touching my hair.

I have made write-ups along with the pictures of the three main bun that I use (Just click each title below).  

The buns I do look like this:

Ballet Bun

Regular Normal Bun

Faux Big Bun

Twist & Tuck Donut Bun

Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

What type of bun do you do? Do you consider buns as a protective style?  Thanks



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