Turban Wrap

I LOVE this scarf! What I love about it is that I get to add a little bit of colour to my normal dark outfits without feeling uncomfortable. I am a little shy about adding colour to my clothes but this way there is a splash of colour without making me feel awkward. (I actually have 2 really colourful scarves, I will do another demo with the second one too!) 

This head wrap is really simple to do. You literally will only need a long scarf that is a little on the wide side as well. The longer the better mine is 65 x 33 inches. If the material you are using is neither silk nor satin I would recommend using a silk/satin headscarf first to cover your hair (like I did) and then wrap away. P.s. underneath my satin scarf I had 4 large flat twists. 

It is easier to explain the process via video so please watch how I do my Turban Wrap below.

Like I said really simple to do right? I would love to hear what you think! 

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