Faux Big Bun

Now while I LOVE the look I only do this bun a day before I want to wash my hair or when I have stretched my hair. The reason? Because it basically squishes my curls. So if I want to wear my hair out the day after I need to use A LOT of water, co-wash or, wash my hair.

Requirements for look:

  • Medium to long hair (you will need to be able to roll your hair down with the donut)
  • A hair bubble (to tie the base ‘ponytail’),
  • Legging Bun or store Donut bun (I cut the toe part of a legging to make my own.
  • Bobby pins (optional) – I sometimes use them to hold the bun down in place).

How to do the style:

I do this a little different to the regular Donut Bun. Instead of wrapping my hair around the Donut bun I roll the Donut down along with my hair. You can click on the images below for step by step instructions.

And I’m done!



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