“Fluffed Out” Braid-Out (Stretched Hair)


I have mentioned different posts and on my YouTube Channel that I do not use heat on my hair. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not have any deep seeded hate towards heating tools however, I have never had any real success with them. What I do remember from using a blow dryer…I would end up looking like an electrocuted poodle with extreme “bad hair day”.  I like fluffy hair but as long as it looks like I made my hair fluffy on purpose…which is not what my hair would look like! When it came to the flat iron I basically would fry my hair. I did not use a “proper” heat protectant (my own fault) and the flat iron had one setting, piping hot (again my own fault!) So I am sure with a better flat iron and an actual heat protectant I would probably get better results e.g. not fried hair.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am worried about heat damage and my curls not reverting back, so for that reason I say NO to heat. That is not to say I will NEVER EVER use heat ever again but for now, I am happy to be heat free.

Therefore, I look at heat free ways to stretch my hair and for whatever reason when I Braid my hair, I get easy stretched hair results. I get to take advantage of the length of my hair and I will generally use my fluffed Braid-Out in order to “prep” my hair for a style. This means I stretch and then Twist, Bantu-Knot etc. I sometimes wear my hair out in a fluffed Braid-Out when I am looking for a “care free” and “messy” look as well.

As my hair has grown I started to notice that stretching my hair actually helps to reduce tangles and Single Strand Knots (SSK’s) for which I do have deep seeded hate! Tangles and SSK’s result in even more knots and usually means I either spend aaaages trying to carefully undo the mess, I have to snip out the knot or end up pulling out hair! All of the above are something I am NOT a fan of!

I tried to do a “simple” step-by-step explanation of how I get my “Fluffed out” Braid-Out, starting from taking down the Braids.

Do you use a Braid-Out to stretch your hair? If so how? If not what do you do? I would love to hear from you!



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