Yes my lovelies lets talk Exercise! 

I know I know … I can hear that “uumhm” and see those eyes rolling. Yes exercise is going to be the topic! There are a number of different reasons why it is important to try and get SOME form of exercise in your life! I read a funny line that is so fitting “use it or lose it”! That made me smile as it is oh so true! If you do not use your body you will eventually lose it and trying to get it back is SO much harder that the process of losing it! So here are just a few reasons why I personally believe it is important to incorporate exercise into your life:

  • Exercise makes you feel good about yourself 
  • Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
  • Exercise boosts energy 
  • Exercise promotes better sleep
  • Exercise can be a way meeting people
  • Exercise helps control weight

Those are just the tip of the iceberg! Basically it is important!

P.S. I have NOT been asked/compensated to mention any of the programs mention. I just wanted to share them with you, maybe you will enjoy them as well!

I am NOT a Doctor or Physician therefore you should consult your personal Physician or Doctor if you wish to start ANY new form of exercise. I am just providing information for educational purposes and any use thereof is solely at your own risk. The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition, new exercise schedule or diet program you enter! 

So as with all things related to me, I tried and test A LOT of programs until I found something that works for me! If you want some info on the other programs I have used and my experiences with them leave me a message.

Current Exercises:

I custom made my programs so they not only fit my own fitness level but are also in line with my timetable. There is no point in making a schedule saying “I will workout 6 days a week for 2 hours each day knowing fully well you will not”!

So the first Program that I want to mention is Fitness Blender! These guys are AWESOME! They make workout videos for FREE! Yes for free! Here is a link to their Website: Fitness Blender and Fitness Blender YouTube Channel.

If you go to ‘Find A Workout’ on their Website Homepage you can Search Workouts based on your own criteria: body parts you want to workout, type of exercise you want to do, length of exercise and the level of exercise (how hard you want to be pushed)! 

My other exercise method is my Elliptical machine. The one I have is nothing fancy but you can get all sorts of Elliptical machines. Mine just shows me the calories I burn, how long I worked out, distance, speed and I get to set the resistance. I physically note down my own progress the old fashioned way PEN and PAPER! 

Along with this I have weights that I use when I do weight training exercises. I have dumbbells (used during Fitness Blender) as well as weighted wrist/ankle bands that I switch up to work out my upper and lower body on my Elliptical machine. 

I can sometimes quickly get bored with workout programs however, Fitness Blender are ALWAYS putting out new videos and there is such a vast amount to choose from that your workout options are endless! I do have another program I found that I will be integrating in order to let me switch things up from the Company BeFit. I like to make a two month schedule and then start over again. I keep the Elliptical as the constant and switch between Video programs. As of yet I have not used BeFit’s videos but from what I have seen it will buuuurrrn! When I do use the videos I will let you know my thoughts. You can also find Befit on their YouTube Channel. Their videos are for free as well!  

My Schedule:

I workout 5 days a week (sometimes 6 when I am annoyed and want to burn off that frustration grrr!) and get in 60 minutes a day. I alternate between Upper and lower body workouts with my Elliptical and Fitness Blender exercises. As I mentioned above I use my weighted bands while on the Elliptical machine.  With the Dumbbells I use those for weight training on Fitness Blender days. I do not lift excessively heave weights but just enough that by the end of my target repetition I feel like I could not do it (but push through)!

Now there are days when I might not have made the “healthiest” eating decision…it happens (some times more than it should) so on those days I try to make sure I workout a little more. I am not a exercise fanatic and I am also not always the strongest minded person when it comes to saying NO to Pepperoni pizza with Mushrooms, or creamy mushroom sauce with pasta, or Penna Cotta LOL (I could go on and on). I strongly believe that in life there should be a balance of everything. If I have something that might not be too good for me then I make up for it by doing a little MORE of the things that are good for me!  I will get more into that under the “Foooood” tab.

So that is it! I do have a number of other programs that I have used in the past some successful some not so successful but if I wrote everything out I would write a book! If you want to know about those do leave me a message below. 

What about you? What do you do to workout? Let me know by leaving me a message below!




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