So my “Faux-Hawk” which I would refer to as Long “Faux-Hawk” is not the “typical looking” faux-hawk, simply because of its length. Gravity obviously makes my hair gravitate downwards instead of being fierce and spunky (upright.) Now I am not complaining because I do love length but I think in my second option of this look I will try on hair that air dried and is then styled as is instead of stretching my hair. (I will have the second option up as soon as I have pictures.)

Long Faux-Hawk Method

Tools used

  • 4 Ouchless Hair Bubbles
  • Quite a few Bobby Pins
  • Gel (optional to sleek down edges, I did not bother)

Before Styling

I did my Wash Day Routine and then while my hair was still wet I applied my DIY Creamy Leave-In Conditioner and sealed in the moisture with my Mixed Sealing Oil. I made 5 braids, stretched and pinned them down with bobby pins and wrapped my scarf over my head for the night. (I wasn’t going anywhere the next day so I left them in braids.)

When I was ready to take them down I initially wanted to wear my hair out but my hair wasn’t having any of that. (I have learnt when I try to fight/force a style I NEVER win!) 


I put my hair in four “ponytails” running down the middle of my head going from the very top of my head right to the nape of my neck. I have images of this step below.



After I have prepped the hair with the ponytails I start to replace the ponytails with bobby pins starting at the back. I literally put bobby pins on either side of the ponytail because I will remove the hair bubbles later. I pin as close as possible, keeping in mind I do not touch  the actual hair bubble because otherwise it is difficult to remove the hair bubble without ripping hair or messing up the hair. I do not pin the sides of the ponytail one at the top because I will make it a Pompadour. For the Pompadour I split the ponytail into two and pin them separately creating a slight bump. Pictures below.


Finished look

And that is it folks! You can use gel or cream to get a sleeker and polished finish but I was not too fussy about that.



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