DIY Fluffy Coconut Cream

Ok, so when I decided to first try this I had heard about making coconut ‘cream’ using coconut flakes and that was an epic fail! You are suppose to put it in a food processor or blender and just work those flakes till it becomes a “cream/butter”.

I think that it might be because my blender is a little on the “old and abused” side of things but it did not turn out well (as a hair product). Using it as a spread for toast, now that was great! But when I got tired of blending (I blended for about 8 – 10 minutes giving the blender breaks) and poured it out of the blender. It still had the tiny bits of flakes left in the ‘cream’. Like I said, I am not sure if it is because my blender is rubbish but I did not end up with a smooth creamy “cream/butter” and I did not want to put that bad boy on my hair so I used it for my toast!

NOTE: If you are going to try making coconut butter/cream using pure unsweetened Coconut flakes please note that the blender’s motor gets really hot! So you might want to take breaks between blending or else you might run the risk of blowing the motor!

Anywhoooo lets get to the stuff that works! COCONUT OIL! Yes ladies good old pure Coconut Oil! If you whip that stuff up when it is in a semi-solid state it will become fluffy! You can even use it as a body “cream”! The only thing to keep in mind is that if you live in a warm country or your house is warm (like mine) it will turn into a liquid. So I keep it in the fridge.


It is so simple to make it almost seems unfair!

My Mixture:

  • 1 cup Coconut Oil (semi-solid)

coconut oil

  • Peppermint/Lavender Essential Oil (optional)


  • Empty container


Mixing Instructions:

  • I start off with semi-solid Coconut Oil (do not melt it down because it will only work if it is semi solid). If you live in warm climates the Oil might start to melt on its own (happens to mine) so I stick it in the fridge and then take it out.


  • I start to whip the Coconut Oil (with a whisk) until it becomes like a light cream-like consistency. (If necessary stick it back in the fridge and continue whipping once it starts to solidify again.) I then add a few drops of Essential Oil (Lavender or Peppermint) and DONE!


When I twist my hair I sometimes put a little Fluffy  Coconut Oil-Cream into a container, add my Aloe Vera Flax Seed Gel (FSG) and mix. You can read about my FSG under my DIY Hair Gel tab here.

Have you tried making coconut Oil-cream? If so let me know what you think! 




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