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Birthday Look and What I did

Hey Maicurlies,

So this is going to be a quick post. It actually was my Birthday a week ago (the 7th) so I wanted to share a few details about what I did, what I did with my hair and all the goodies I got! My loved ones spoilt me rotten 😀

So this is what I did with my hair:


 Surprise surprise….a Twist Out! It turned out quite well so I was happy.

I used my leave-in conditioner (my updated mix which I need to post here soon), almond oil and a little whipped butter. I put my hair in 6 twists the night before, covered with a satin scarf and left them in until I was getting ready for the “celebrations”. I took down the twists, separated with a little almond oil on my fingers and fluffed.

So for my “celebration” I went out with my family to this AMAZING Mongolian Restaurant. The food was awesome! The menu included a soup as starter, your main course and dessert. For mains you get to select what you want which could be a mix of: chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp and then a selection of vegetables: carrots, paprika, onions, green beans, tomatoes, spring onions as well as the sauces of which there were about 6 to pick from. You give your bowl to the chef who cooks it in an open kitchen and did I mention you could go for seconds, thirds, etc as many as your stomach can hold! The meats and seafood is kept cold/frozen so that it remains fresh and like I said you could go for only chicken, a combo of chicken and meat and if you are really crazy a mix of both meats and seafood together! Yes I rolled out of there full and happy. Oh and my choice of drink was white wine.

After dinner I went out with my friends for a few drinks…a good number of drinks which were Lychee Martinis! I LOVE this cocktail! My curlfriend got me hooked on them so I had to drag my friends to the best spot for cocktails of course. We ended up in our local spot and was surpirsed with a lovely birthday cake. 

Birthday cake

Now what did I get in terms of presents? I really got spoilt rotten! 


Ok so these are my goodies! My sister and I like to give each other random gifts that we call “silly gifts”. So I got the softest bathrobe/house robe  with matching shoes (It is sooooo soft I want to wear it all day everyday!), a square bean bag seat (silly gift), a cutting board (my sister said so I can prep food for her lol), plant ties (for my soon to be green garden), wireless speakers, red nail polish, iPod Shuffle, Galaxy S4, Tupperware (silly gift), boots (a girl can never have too many boots), kitchen trolley (so I can put all my DIY goodies and other ingredients!), money and I forgot to take a picture of 2 tops I also got.  😀 Can someone say spoilt! 

It was a great Birthday 🙂 however, now I can no longer tick the box of 25 – 30…not so excited about that but hey! 

Have a lovely day Maicurlies! 



Ms. Maggi – Feature Story on Maicurls

Good Evening Maicurlies,

DSCN7486 - Version 2

I yet again had the opportunity to interview another beautiful natural head Ms. Maggi. Maggi the owner/blogger of CluelessCurl is an Eco-Friendly enthusiast and loves making her own natural products for her hair and skin (which I LOVE!) She also was kind enough to put a little piece about me on her blog as well (read here.

Take a few minutes to read over Maggi’s story in my Features section and do not forget to check out her Blog CluelessCurl or follow her on Twitter @CluelessCurl.

Thank you for sharing it with us Maggi!



Dry Chunky Twist-Out Video On YouTube

After fluffing I arranged my hair

A lovely evening to you Maicurlies,

Another week another video! I decided to do my  simple Twist-Out method because I felt like wearing my hair out. I consider this as my most simple method because I only use my DIY Creamy Leave-In conditioner to moisturize and seal with my DIY mixed Sealing Oil. The next morning I use a tiny bit of my DIY Mixed Sealing Oil on my fingertips to undo the Twists and avoid extra frizz, separate each Twist , fluff my hair and I am done. 

I have a noted down a step-by-step of my chunky Dry Twist-Out here as well as a link to  my YouTube video here

What do you use when you dry twist your hair?




Styling Introduction Video Uploaded on YouTube

updos the time has come… I am going to start with the styling videos *biting my nails*! I really am excited to start this but super nervous as well because as I have mentioned numerous times…I am not a professional hairstylist nor a styling “guru”!

Here is a quick video explaining what I plan on doing. I will start off with my simpler styles at first and then take it from there. I also have some styles that I had tried when I was newly natural and at the time some of them did not work out. E.g my first attempt at Bantu Knot-outs. They did not fair well at all and I decided that “it would never work for me”. This year I wanted to give them another go but did them a little differently you can read about both here and the end results were much better! So what I will do is mention if a certain style was attempted before and failed and then you will get to see what I do differently now. I have a couple of new styles in mind that I have never tried before but want to try out and I will record them as well (I am sure a couple will be epic fails LOL.)

I of course would LOVE to hear from YOU! So please do leave me messages, suggestions etc of certain looks you think I should try! 

Side note – apart from my styling videos I will also put a few Skin Care videos out because 1. I will otherwise probably end up running out of styles to do and 2. it is nice to have a variety of different topics…who knows this might lead to something else as well! 

So I look forward to starting and as always I will have write-ups of styles (the ones I have not yet added and the new ones I want to try.) I really hope they workout because there is nothing worse than boring hair tutorials! 

Have a lovely day!



Ms. Victoria Davis – Feature Story on Maicurls

Good Evening Maicurlies.


Not only was I lucky enough to be featured on Ms. Victoria Davis’ beautiful Blog  ClassyCurlies  but she was kind enough to agree to share her Natural Hair Story on my little Blog! I am appreciate the opportunity and hope that you love reading her story as much as I did!

For a quick link to her story click here and do not forget to check out her Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages!

Thank you for sharing it with us Victoria!





Mrs. Jenell Stewart – First Featured Story on Maicurls!

Goooood Morning!


I am so happy to say that I have my first featured story on Maicurls! I am so honored to feature Mrs. Jenell Stewart; mother, wife and savvy business woman! She managed to turn her passion into her business (which is always inspiring)! Check out her story here

Also do not forgot to check out her Site, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter and Instagram. 

Once again Thank You Janell!