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Styling Introduction Video Uploaded on YouTube

updos the time has come… I am going to start with the styling videos *biting my nails*! I really am excited to start this but super nervous as well because as I have mentioned numerous times…I am not a professional hairstylist nor a styling “guru”!

Here is a quick video explaining what I plan on doing. I will start off with my simpler styles at first and then take it from there. I also have some styles that I had tried when I was newly natural and at the time some of them did not work out. E.g my first attempt at Bantu Knot-outs. They did not fair well at all and I decided that “it would never work for me”. This year I wanted to give them another go but did them a little differently you can read about both here and the end results were much better! So what I will do is mention if a certain style was attempted before and failed and then you will get to see what I do differently now. I have a couple of new styles in mind that I have never tried before but want to try out and I will record them as well (I am sure a couple will be epic fails LOL.)

I of course would LOVE to hear from YOU! So please do leave me messages, suggestions etc of certain looks you think I should try! 

Side note – apart from my styling videos I will also put a few Skin Care videos out because 1. I will otherwise probably end up running out of styles to do and 2. it is nice to have a variety of different topics…who knows this might lead to something else as well! 

So I look forward to starting and as always I will have write-ups of styles (the ones I have not yet added and the new ones I want to try.) I really hope they workout because there is nothing worse than boring hair tutorials! 

Have a lovely day!



How to ride in the open air

Good Afternoon lovelies,

So I wanted to share a little “tip” (if I can call it that). I actually think I might dedicate a page to “tips” or something like that! Anyways….so I recently traded in my old car to my dealership and got a nice “almost brand new” car! Annnnnd it is a convertible!!!!  So of course one obvious benefits of a convertible is driving around with the car-top down… “what about the curls?!?!”…you might be wondering.

Now I am not just bringing this up because the driving around in the open air can cause a styling mishap – e.g. if you have spent 2 hours styling your hair in a particular way (especially if you have quaffed your hair so that it is sleek,  defined, laying down etc.) Yes the wind, humidity, heat, dust and all other elements will impact how your hair looks at the end of the ride but in my opinion the most important part is that all of the elements can dry out your hair! 

Even if I were rocking a puffy, fluffy, big hairdo – while the elements might give me more volume; the dryness is something I can live without! So what is the solution you ask?


Twists!!! Yes twists! I would say drive around with the car-top down when you are rocking your twists – it can of course be braids, Bantu knots, of even a bun. (I do not tie my buns too tight therefore my little flyaways do their crazy dance so I always have a silk headband with me in case I can not tame them). If your hair is not out and flowing around, rubbing against one another and being overly exposed to the elements, having them in a protective style can help to at least try and reduce the exposure (it is not going to be 100% protected but it is better than nothing!)

You can even take it a step further by using a scarf over your twists, bun, Bantu knots, braids etc – once you have arrived at your destination you can take the scarf down if you do not feel like wearing it. I love showing off my twists when I do them well so I take off the scarf! 


So there you have it! My little tip on what you can do with your hair if you do plan on cruising around with beautiful fresh air filling your lungs! I would LOVE to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions do let me know!

Enjoy the day!




Hair Styles Written Up

Alright guys so I just wanted to give you a very quick summary of all the Hair Styles Write-Ups I have done so far (04.09.2013)

I have basically written up:

  • Bantu Knots (this was done back in 2011 so I need to revisit this style and modify it)
  • Buns (I wrote up one of the 4 methods I use – I need to write the remaining 3)
  • Elongated Ponytail (Inspired by a YouTube Vlogger) 
  • Twists (I basically explained my process of how I did my first “mini twists” but I will be adding how I do my “normal” twists which are medium sized as well as my overnight chunky twists).
  • Wash-n-Go 

Click here to go to my Hair Styles Overview page. There are a few missing because I want to have images to demonstrate. It is easier to be able to see what I am trying to explain along with writing it. So as soon as I do the styles I will be loading up pictures and making write-ups. 

I really do hope you guys find this interesting!



My first Small Twists

So I decided that I wanted to make my first attempt at (drum roll please) SMALL TWISTS ( I would like to call them Mini-Twists). Since my Natural Journey (mid 2009) till now I have NEVER attempted to do mini twists. I do normal sized twists (medium) and chunky twists but the thing is I never properly part my hair. I do not bother being particular about the parting so they are not aliened or neat. I normally just cover my hair with a scarf when I have them in twists (to hide the messiness) and then when I am ready to take them out I unravel the twists and rock a twist-out.

So yes I decided to do small (mini) twists and Oh My God it took forever! My little behind went numb half the time because of all of the sitting!

So I have photos of the finished look but not the process. It really was not a planned style but the basic concept of my twists are the same as everyone else’s. I will have more details into my experience etc. under the Mai Hair Styles Tab – subheading Twists. You can go directly to the page here


  I am not sure if I will rock a twist-out after this but if it does not look too bad when I take them down I will leave them as twist outs before detangling.