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Hair Styles Written Up

Alright guys so I just wanted to give you a very quick summary of all the Hair Styles Write-Ups I have done so far (04.09.2013)

I have basically written up:

  • Bantu Knots (this was done back in 2011 so I need to revisit this style and modify it)
  • Buns (I wrote up one of the 4 methods I use – I need to write the remaining 3)
  • Elongated Ponytail (Inspired by a YouTube Vlogger) 
  • Twists (I basically explained my process of how I did my first “mini twists” but I will be adding how I do my “normal” twists which are medium sized as well as my overnight chunky twists).
  • Wash-n-Go 

Click here to go to my Hair Styles Overview page. There are a few missing because I want to have images to demonstrate. It is easier to be able to see what I am trying to explain along with writing it. So as soon as I do the styles I will be loading up pictures and making write-ups. 

I really do hope you guys find this interesting!



Slowly but surly getting there – Hair, Skin and Health Blog update

Hi guys!

So as the title suggests I am slowly getting through the initial things I wanted to write up! The thing is, as I start writing I keep on thinking of new things to write! Anyways so yes I have written up a good part of my Hair and Skin care sections. There are still things missing though and I will star getting though them. The health section is also pretty much done but I think I will be adding in a few things like my favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. I will probably also put up my exercise plan showing the exercise videos I use from Fitness Blender and how my Elliptical Machine workout program. 

In my next post I will do quick summary of which Hair and Skin Care explanations I have written until now (04.09.2013). This will make it easier for you to know what is actually done so far. As I write more I will make new posts highlighting them. 

Hopefully the blog will start picking up and I will get to interact with a few of you! 




My first Small Twists

So I decided that I wanted to make my first attempt at (drum roll please) SMALL TWISTS ( I would like to call them Mini-Twists). Since my Natural Journey (mid 2009) till now I have NEVER attempted to do mini twists. I do normal sized twists (medium) and chunky twists but the thing is I never properly part my hair. I do not bother being particular about the parting so they are not aliened or neat. I normally just cover my hair with a scarf when I have them in twists (to hide the messiness) and then when I am ready to take them out I unravel the twists and rock a twist-out.

So yes I decided to do small (mini) twists and Oh My God it took forever! My little behind went numb half the time because of all of the sitting!

So I have photos of the finished look but not the process. It really was not a planned style but the basic concept of my twists are the same as everyone else’s. I will have more details into my experience etc. under the Mai Hair Styles Tab – subheading Twists. You can go directly to the page here


  I am not sure if I will rock a twist-out after this but if it does not look too bad when I take them down I will leave them as twist outs before detangling. 




My Plans

So last night while all my creative juices were flowing I started to brainstorm on how exactly I would carry out this Blog. The last thing I want to do is bore you guys and since I am the sort of person who likes to keep things organized (as much as possible), I figured it would make sense if my Blog and YouTube Channel sort of correspond with one another. Not everyone likes reading through loads of information and some people prefer to read so if I keep both sources similar no one group misses out on anything. So here are my initial plans.

For the Hair Care Section:

I will breakdown my routines which starts with my wash days. On wash days I also incorporate a Deep Conditioner (DC) Treatment. I have 3 different DIY ones that and 1 store bought DC I use for different reasons (I will explain them in my routines section later). I also do my Apple Cider Cleanse on wash days. I will show you how I moisturize my hair and then each week or every two weeks I plan on doing a different Hair Style Videos/Blog write-ups. Following those will be Videos/Blog write-ups on my ‘mid-week styles’ which consists of Up-Do’s, if I am not trying to stretch out a particular look. I would love to get suggestions or even tips from you, so if there are any requests on styles I have not tried before I will look it up and try it out. This will give me a chance to learn something new as well!

I have to reiterate that I am not a professional Hair Stylist. I basically teach myself by watching and learning from others so I will have to ask you to please bear with me at times. Sometimes I might actually have Videos/Blog write-ups on things I tried that either did not work with my hair or perhaps I did not like. Now just because it did not work for me or I did not like a particular look does not mean it is “bad”. It just means it did not work for me…it might work for you!

For the Skin Care Section

I am going to start off with my skin care routines, DIY treatments, skin care tips etc. I will try and leave tips for all kinds of skin care (dry, oily, sensitive etc) but would also ‘focus’ on my type of skin (because I know that the best). If you guys are interested to see some videos about that I would be happy to do that as well.

For the Health Section

I basically will do the same as for the Skin Care; put up some tips, programs I follow etc. I am NOT a fitness expert and therefore do not want to risk someone following my own personal suggestions and getting hurt. So I will show you the direct links/sites/information from the fitness Gurus and leave the rest up to you to make up your own minds about if you want to follow them or their programs. I will also talk about Food!

So, that is my basic plan! Things might change up a little but I will always keep you posted!