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DIY Boosted Leave-In Conditioner (Spray)

Hey Maicurlies,

I am back with another DIY Update! This time it is my Spray Leave-In Conditioner.

Spray Leave-In Conditioner

This goodness is a modified version of my previous Spray Leave-In Conditioner which you can read about here. Similar to my updated Creamy Leave-In Conditioner I changed the recipe a little due to the fact that I no longer use the conditioner I use to use and the old mix was no longer as effective in moisturizing my hair as it use to be.

This recipe is quite simple, does not include too many steps and like I mentioned is a slight modification from the old one.


  • 6 oz plain water (I use bottled water)
  • Hibiscus petals (optional) I use about 10 – 12 petals
  • 0.8 oz leave-in conditioner (use any leave-in your hair likes)
  • 2 oz Rose Water
  • 0.1 oz Almond Oil (use any carrier oil your hair likes)
  • 0.1 oz Glycerine (optional)
  • 3 capsules vitamin E oil = roughly 0.15 oz

(Additional ingredients I sometimes use)

I sometimes add 0.8 oz fresh Aloe Vera Juice (from my garden) I didn’t this time.

Essential Oil (any oil of choice) – I like the rose scent so I skip the essential oil.

Mixing Instructions

I first add the hibiscus petals to the water and let it sit while I add the other ingredients. In the mean time I pour the leave-in conditioner, rose water, almond oil, glycerine and vitamin E oil in my container. I then pour the hibiscus water through a sieve to catch the petals and then whisk. I pour the mix into a spray bottle and shake it before every use.

Spray Leave-In Conditioner

Substitute Ingredients

  • Honey or agave nectar –  instead of the glycerine (or skip this all together)
  • Any carrier oil of choice – instead of the almond oil
  • Arrowroot – can be added to the mix to give a little extra slip

Side Note:

This mix might be a little too light for those with coarser or thicker hair due to the fact that the ingredients I use are quite light weight. In case you do have thicker or coarser hair than I, you can either increase the amount of leave-in used, add a heavier carrier oil such as castor oil and/or double the amount of oil used in the mix.

When I use it/How I store it:

I like to use this mix when I want to lightly re-moisturize my hair or when I want to dampen my hair without getting it soaking wet before styling/restyling. The Leave-In is left out with the rest of my products (without needing to store it in the fridge). I have never had an issue with the mix going off or going rancid before I use it up, however, you can store it in the fridge just in case.

Do you use a spray leave-in? Do you make your own or use a store bought one? I would love to hear from you. 




Hair Care Routines Posted!

I have written down my Hair Care Routines under (surprise surprise) Mai Hair Routines. At the start of the year I decided to try and use at least 80% -90% natural products in my hair care. I have slowly substituted certain items and wanted to try them for at least a few months to see if I like them or not so I have updated it! I LIKE!

This is just a basic summary of my routines. I will start breaking down my methods in  ‘series’ so that you see each of my processes step by step. For my blog I will do write-ups along with pictures, explaining my processes. I will also provide links to the videos in case there ends up being too much writing…I will keep you posted as and when I load up videos.




My Plans

So last night while all my creative juices were flowing I started to brainstorm on how exactly I would carry out this Blog. The last thing I want to do is bore you guys and since I am the sort of person who likes to keep things organized (as much as possible), I figured it would make sense if my Blog and YouTube Channel sort of correspond with one another. Not everyone likes reading through loads of information and some people prefer to read so if I keep both sources similar no one group misses out on anything. So here are my initial plans.

For the Hair Care Section:

I will breakdown my routines which starts with my wash days. On wash days I also incorporate a Deep Conditioner (DC) Treatment. I have 3 different DIY ones that and 1 store bought DC I use for different reasons (I will explain them in my routines section later). I also do my Apple Cider Cleanse on wash days. I will show you how I moisturize my hair and then each week or every two weeks I plan on doing a different Hair Style Videos/Blog write-ups. Following those will be Videos/Blog write-ups on my ‘mid-week styles’ which consists of Up-Do’s, if I am not trying to stretch out a particular look. I would love to get suggestions or even tips from you, so if there are any requests on styles I have not tried before I will look it up and try it out. This will give me a chance to learn something new as well!

I have to reiterate that I am not a professional Hair Stylist. I basically teach myself by watching and learning from others so I will have to ask you to please bear with me at times. Sometimes I might actually have Videos/Blog write-ups on things I tried that either did not work with my hair or perhaps I did not like. Now just because it did not work for me or I did not like a particular look does not mean it is “bad”. It just means it did not work for me…it might work for you!

For the Skin Care Section

I am going to start off with my skin care routines, DIY treatments, skin care tips etc. I will try and leave tips for all kinds of skin care (dry, oily, sensitive etc) but would also ‘focus’ on my type of skin (because I know that the best). If you guys are interested to see some videos about that I would be happy to do that as well.

For the Health Section

I basically will do the same as for the Skin Care; put up some tips, programs I follow etc. I am NOT a fitness expert and therefore do not want to risk someone following my own personal suggestions and getting hurt. So I will show you the direct links/sites/information from the fitness Gurus and leave the rest up to you to make up your own minds about if you want to follow them or their programs. I will also talk about Food!

So, that is my basic plan! Things might change up a little but I will always keep you posted!