My first Small Twists

So I decided that I wanted to make my first attempt at (drum roll please) SMALL TWISTS ( I would like to call them Mini-Twists). Since my Natural Journey (mid 2009) till now I have NEVER attempted to do mini twists. I do normal sized twists (medium) and chunky twists but the thing is I never properly part my hair. I do not bother being particular about the parting so they are not aliened or neat. I normally just cover my hair with a scarf when I have them in twists (to hide the messiness) and then when I am ready to take them out I unravel the twists and rock a twist-out.

So yes I decided to do small (mini) twists and Oh My God it took forever! My little behind went numb half the time because of all of the sitting!

So I have photos of the finished look but not the process. It really was not a planned style but the basic concept of my twists are the same as everyone else’s. I will have more details into my experience etc. under the Mai Hair Styles Tab – subheading Twists. You can go directly to the page here


  I am not sure if I will rock a twist-out after this but if it does not look too bad when I take them down I will leave them as twist outs before detangling. 




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