How to ride in the open air

Good Afternoon lovelies,

So I wanted to share a little “tip” (if I can call it that). I actually think I might dedicate a page to “tips” or something like that! Anyways….so I recently traded in my old car to my dealership and got a nice “almost brand new” car! Annnnnd it is a convertible!!!!  So of course one obvious benefits of a convertible is driving around with the car-top down… “what about the curls?!?!”…you might be wondering.

Now I am not just bringing this up because the driving around in the open air can cause a styling mishap – e.g. if you have spent 2 hours styling your hair in a particular way (especially if you have quaffed your hair so that it is sleek,  defined, laying down etc.) Yes the wind, humidity, heat, dust and all other elements will impact how your hair looks at the end of the ride but in my opinion the most important part is that all of the elements can dry out your hair! 

Even if I were rocking a puffy, fluffy, big hairdo – while the elements might give me more volume; the dryness is something I can live without! So what is the solution you ask?


Twists!!! Yes twists! I would say drive around with the car-top down when you are rocking your twists – it can of course be braids, Bantu knots, of even a bun. (I do not tie my buns too tight therefore my little flyaways do their crazy dance so I always have a silk headband with me in case I can not tame them). If your hair is not out and flowing around, rubbing against one another and being overly exposed to the elements, having them in a protective style can help to at least try and reduce the exposure (it is not going to be 100% protected but it is better than nothing!)

You can even take it a step further by using a scarf over your twists, bun, Bantu knots, braids etc – once you have arrived at your destination you can take the scarf down if you do not feel like wearing it. I love showing off my twists when I do them well so I take off the scarf! 


So there you have it! My little tip on what you can do with your hair if you do plan on cruising around with beautiful fresh air filling your lungs! I would LOVE to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions do let me know!

Enjoy the day!




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