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How To: Turning an old Twist-out to Braid & Curl Low Manipulation Style

Hello Maicurlies,

Today I wanted to share one of the methods I use to remoisturize old hair & how I style my hair in a low manipulation style (when I went camping for 2 nights). 

wrap up braid-out

So I was off to a beach camping trip for 2 nights and my hair was a MESS! I had it in a twist out that turned into a messy bun. The curls were tangled, dry and just not in a good way! Since I was camping I knew I didn’t want to do anything “drastic” especially since I would be washing my hair once I got back. I also knew I wanted my hair tucked away since sand and my hair just don’t play nice at all so I figured I would remoisturize, bring back some texture but still keep my hair tucked away.

My remoisturizing method was simple, the L.O.C method (Leave-in/liquid, Oil, Cream/Whipped butter) I also used permrods and that was it. I did not use a comb to get through my hair since I wanted low manipulation and to protect my hair during the trip I used a scarf to keep my hair up and away from my shoulders and presto. 

Products/Tools Used:


I parted my hair into sections (roughly 15 – 18 in total), spritzed my hair with my DIY Spray Leave-In Conditioner followed by my oil. I then gently, carefully and slowly detangled my hair and get rid of shed hair. I braided my hair but left my ends unbraided. I added a little extra spray leave-in on the ends, smoothed on some whipped butter before wrapping them around the perm rods and then rolling up to my roots.

Once I was done I covered my hair at night (I kept it uncovered right until I went to bed). The following morning I took down the perm rods and using a little oil on my fingertips I undid the braids. Now if you want to have definition then take the braids down carefully to keep the integrity of the curl pattern (since I just wanted a little texture, a little volume and was going to cover my hair it didn’t really matter for me). After I took down the braids I separated my hair a tiny bit and covered my hair with the scarf, leaving a swooped bang at the front (the ends tucked away) and pinned the rest of my hair upwards. Presto: happy moisturized and protected hair ready for camping! 

I have a video of the whole process:

P.s. In case you were wondering, here is a peak at the spot where we camped. 

What is your go to method to remoisturize “old hair” mid-week/before washing your hair?




2 Head Wrap Styles for Winter (Protective Styles)

Hey Lovely Maicurlies, 

So this post comes a little late (I am currently sitting in a hotel in Dubai waiting to check out). I wanted to yet again share some head wrap styles! I had posted a few photos on Instagram (yes I am addicted) and was kindly requested to do a demonstration of one of the styles so I figured I would do 2 styles in one video.

2 head wrap styles for winter

2 head wrap styles for winter

In the first example of my video I start of with a messy bun that is covered with a satin scarf first (since the outer scarf I use is neither Satin nor Silk) and then I used the outer scarf.

For the second style I start off with 2 really rough flat twists that I pin down and again use my satin scarf first followed by the outer scarf. 

It is easier to explain in video which I of course have:

I would love to hear if you use scarfs during winter to help protect your hair? 




Double Twist Head Wrap

Hey Maicurlies,

Yup, I am back with another head wrap (I am sorry but I am obsessed so you will probably see more of these types of tutorials for a while!) 😀 

Double Twist Head Wrap

It is yet again a really simple and quick wrap that can be done in 5 minutes, who doesn’t like a quick style that also happens to leave your hair protected??? 😀

All you really are doing it covering your hair once with the wrap and then twirling the remaining material to make a fake “twirled rope” stretching them across your head and tucking away the ends. The End 🙂 

I as always have a video tutorial for an easy explanation. 

I have a few other head wrap videos and tutorials: Double Knot Head Wrap & Turban Wrap. Would love to hear what you think!




Double Knot Head Wrap

Hey Maicurlies,

Soooo today I wanted to share a styling post & video and this is going to be the first of my recent obsession which are head wraps/scarves! 

I have recently fallen in love with wraps/scaves/fabric and started to play around with using them to:

  1. Spruce up my outfit.
  2. Use them as a protective style by leaving my hair alone.

Now I will state I am NOT an expert, at all! However, I have been having fun experimenting and just trying different styles. 

I always thought “I couldn’t pull off these styles” because in my mind I thought certain faces work best with wraps and that it would be difficult to style however, if I can pull them off so can you! 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a ton of fabric shops, literally every district, town, city here has a TON of fabric shops so I either get them by the meter or I will just pick up some scarves from shops e.g. H&M, Mango, Forever 21 and other local shops too.

Apart from using a wrap because it is pretty, you can use them as a protective style when you don’t want to do your hair, if you are having a “bad hair day” (whatever that means) or perhaps if you are doing a Deep Condition and have to run out the house (yes I have done that!)!

With all that said and done, here is the first of my styling videos using a head wrap/scarf – the Double Knot Head Wrap


I would love to hear what you think! If you do wraps please let me know and perhaps provide me with some inspiration for new styles!