Double Twist Head Wrap

Hey Maicurlies,

Yup, I am back with another head wrap (I am sorry but I am obsessed so you will probably see more of these types of tutorials for a while!) 😀 

Double Twist Head Wrap

It is yet again a really simple and quick wrap that can be done in 5 minutes, who doesn’t like a quick style that also happens to leave your hair protected??? 😀

All you really are doing it covering your hair once with the wrap and then twirling the remaining material to make a fake “twirled rope” stretching them across your head and tucking away the ends. The End 🙂 

I as always have a video tutorial for an easy explanation. 

I have a few other head wrap videos and tutorials: Double Knot Head Wrap & Turban Wrap. Would love to hear what you think!




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