Double Knot Head Wrap

Hey Maicurlies,

Soooo today I wanted to share a styling post & video and this is going to be the first of my recent obsession which are head wraps/scarves! 

I have recently fallen in love with wraps/scaves/fabric and started to play around with using them to:

  1. Spruce up my outfit.
  2. Use them as a protective style by leaving my hair alone.

Now I will state I am NOT an expert, at all! However, I have been having fun experimenting and just trying different styles. 

I always thought “I couldn’t pull off these styles” because in my mind I thought certain faces work best with wraps and that it would be difficult to style however, if I can pull them off so can you! 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a ton of fabric shops, literally every district, town, city here has a TON of fabric shops so I either get them by the meter or I will just pick up some scarves from shops e.g. H&M, Mango, Forever 21 and other local shops too.

Apart from using a wrap because it is pretty, you can use them as a protective style when you don’t want to do your hair, if you are having a “bad hair day” (whatever that means) or perhaps if you are doing a Deep Condition and have to run out the house (yes I have done that!)!

With all that said and done, here is the first of my styling videos using a head wrap/scarf – the Double Knot Head Wrap


I would love to hear what you think! If you do wraps please let me know and perhaps provide me with some inspiration for new styles!




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