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2 Simple Valentines Day Styles

Hey Maicurlies,

So before I even begin to go through the process, me a minute to explain why I opted to (yet again) show you two simple styles. Ignoring the fact that doing an easy style just is my thing, sometimes overdoing our hair can just be annoying, nerve wrecking (especially if this is going to be a first date) and not to mention it can potential cause damage and/or breakage.

Ok, now that I have come up with my “explanation” (excuse) let me share the two really super easy style options 🙂 

2 Valentines Day Styles

                                                                             2 Valentines Day Styles

In all honesty it is one style – two different looks. The first starts with one chunky side twist (pictures 1 below) & is accessorized with a ribbon. The second look is also a chunky twist but I pin the end of the twist by bringing it forwards and over and use a bobby pin to hold the hair down – I pin the hair underneath (by my ear – pictures 2 below). 

What I use is: a hair bubble, bobby pins and ribbons  (you can use a head band). 

I have a video of the process and the “looks” can be done in no more than 5 minutes! They are simple yet pretty (in my opinion lol) and you don’t have to worry about curls setting, damp frizzy results etc. on Valentines day. 

If you happen to be “celebrating” Valentines Day, I hope you and your significant other have a lovely day/night 🙂 

Happy Valentines Day Maicurlies (in advance) 



Loose Bun with Cowrie Shell Headband

Hello Maicurlies! 

So I have got (drum roll please) a super simple style to share! LOL yes super simple, AGAIN! I am trying alright 🙂 

Loose bun

Buns in the natural hair “community” seems to be a go to especially when you want to do something quick and this style is no exception. It takes no more than 5 minutes and you are on your way. You can “smooth out” your edges by using a scarf for 10 minutes and then hit the road to get on with your business for a more “polished” look (I used a scarf). 


  • DIY Whipped Conditioning butter* (I literally whip some of my creamy leave-in conditioner together with a little whipped butter.)
  • DIY Spray Leave-In Conditioner
  • Ouchless Hair bubble
  • Bobby Pins
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Scarf
  • Cowrie Headband (optional)

*You want to make small batches of the whipped conditioning butter because water (a water based leave-in) mixed together with butter & oils can cause bacteria to grow in the container. So only make a little at a time, I also suggest storing the mix in an airtight container in the fridge to keep it “fresh” longer.  You might need to experiment with the Leave-In conditioners you use because not all Leave-Ins play nice with butter – experiment time.

How to

  • I put a little bit of my whipped conditioning butter on my edges and ends, brush in the butter (on my edges) with my soft bristle brush and make a ponytail.
  • I very loosely twist only the ends of my hair, pull the twist above my head and then start to roll the hair downwards (in the direction of my forehead) and bobby pin the bun in place.
  • To get smoother edges I tie my scarf for 10 minutes.
  • After taking the scarf down I sort out the bun if it gets a little messy and then add the headband around the bun. That is it! 

Video Tutorial 

Would love to hear what you think of the bun! 




Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

Hello Maicurlies,

I figured it was time to do a other styling tutorial seeing as I have been on a DIY and experiment frenzy as of late. This is my Twist and Tuck Donut Bun.


Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

                                         Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

I love this bun because it is oh so easy to do, really quick and more importantly it is a protective style. Apart from being a protective style it does not require a lot of manipulation and if you do not make it too tight you can actually just cover your hair at night with a scarf, take down the scarf in the morning , touch up the edges (if you wish) and you are good to go!

I have a video of how I do my Twist and Tuck Donut Bun on YouTube.

I also have an written explanation below of how I achieve this bun:

Products/Tools Used:

  • Plain water spray bottle
  • DIY Creamy Leave-In Conditioner
  • Donut*
  • Ouchless Hair bubble
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Stretchy Headband
  • Bobby pin (you might need more than one depending on your hair)

*I modify my Donut which I bought from H&M because I do not like the texture of it as my hair gets stuck it in. To protect my hair I cut off the toe part of a stocking (best to get a fresh stocking for this). I slip the stocking in the gap of the Donut, pull the edges over the Donut, cut off the excess and that is it. (See below)

Modified Donut


I have explained how I achieve this style along with images and text below. 




Accessorizing My Hair – Video on YouTube

Good Evening Maicurlies,

I am trying to get my act together and record more videos/write more posts (I am sorry I have been M.I.A I will do better!)

I do have a few things lined up so to get the ball rolling I made a video on how I use ribbons to accessorize. I already made a short post about the ribbons I bought (with the intention of using them on some dresses) but  never explained how I “dress up” a simple chunky twist:

Twist without Ribbon

Like this:

Twist with Ribbon

It really is a simple style and does not require a lot of explanation but I always “learn” by seeing and doing so I figured why not record a video right? As always I have the video up on my YouTube Channel and here on my Blog’s Video Page. I will write a quick post on the step by step process as well.

Do you use ribbons to accessorize? I would love to hear from you!