Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

Hello Maicurlies,

I figured it was time to do a other styling tutorial seeing as I have been on a DIY and experiment frenzy as of late. This is my Twist and Tuck Donut Bun.


Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

                                         Twist and Tuck Donut Bun

I love this bun because it is oh so easy to do, really quick and more importantly it is a protective style. Apart from being a protective style it does not require a lot of manipulation and if you do not make it too tight you can actually just cover your hair at night with a scarf, take down the scarf in the morning , touch up the edges (if you wish) and you are good to go!

I have a video of how I do my Twist and Tuck Donut Bun on YouTube.

I also have an written explanation below of how I achieve this bun:

Products/Tools Used:

  • Plain water spray bottle
  • DIY Creamy Leave-In Conditioner
  • Donut*
  • Ouchless Hair bubble
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Stretchy Headband
  • Bobby pin (you might need more than one depending on your hair)

*I modify my Donut which I bought from H&M because I do not like the texture of it as my hair gets stuck it in. To protect my hair I cut off the toe part of a stocking (best to get a fresh stocking for this). I slip the stocking in the gap of the Donut, pull the edges over the Donut, cut off the excess and that is it. (See below)

Modified Donut


I have explained how I achieve this style along with images and text below. 




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