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2 Simple Valentines Day Styles

Hey Maicurlies,

So before I even begin to go through the process, me a minute to explain why I opted to (yet again) show you two simple styles. Ignoring the fact that doing an easy style just is my thing, sometimes overdoing our hair can just be annoying, nerve wrecking (especially if this is going to be a first date) and not to mention it can potential cause damage and/or breakage.

Ok, now that I have come up with my “explanation” (excuse) let me share the two really super easy style options 🙂 

2 Valentines Day Styles

                                                                             2 Valentines Day Styles

In all honesty it is one style – two different looks. The first starts with one chunky side twist (pictures 1 below) & is accessorized with a ribbon. The second look is also a chunky twist but I pin the end of the twist by bringing it forwards and over and use a bobby pin to hold the hair down – I pin the hair underneath (by my ear – pictures 2 below). 

What I use is: a hair bubble, bobby pins and ribbons  (you can use a head band). 

I have a video of the process and the “looks” can be done in no more than 5 minutes! They are simple yet pretty (in my opinion lol) and you don’t have to worry about curls setting, damp frizzy results etc. on Valentines day. 

If you happen to be “celebrating” Valentines Day, I hope you and your significant other have a lovely day/night 🙂 

Happy Valentines Day Maicurlies (in advance) 



Ribbons as a Hair Accessory

Hi Maicurlies,


I bought a couple of ribbons the other day because I had initially wanted to use them to accessorize a few dresses. I then got to thinking what about using them for my hair!  


To do the above:

  • I just put my hair in a big chunky two strand twist
  • Secured the twist with two hair bubbles; one at the base the other at the end
  • Took a strip of my ribbon and placed it over the base of my twist wrapping it around once
  • Then crisscrossed the ribbons down the length of my twist
  • The ends were tied over the hair bubble

I do not know about you but I really like how the ribbon can make a simple big twist look a little more “chic”. Well actually, I do not know if “chic” is really the right word but I feel that it makes a difference in the appearance of a twist. I have red, white and black ribbons two different sizes (I might have to go back and get the super thin ones as well!)

I also plan on using the bigger ribbon as a “head band” to cause some distraction from my forehead :D! So it will be “play with ribbon time” :).