Ribbons as a Hair Accessory

Hi Maicurlies,


I bought a couple of ribbons the other day because I had initially wanted to use them to accessorize a few dresses. I then got to thinking what about using them for my hair!  


To do the above:

  • I just put my hair in a big chunky two strand twist
  • Secured the twist with two hair bubbles; one at the base the other at the end
  • Took a strip of my ribbon and placed it over the base of my twist wrapping it around once
  • Then crisscrossed the ribbons down the length of my twist
  • The ends were tied over the hair bubble

I do not know about you but I really like how the ribbon can make a simple big twist look a little more “chic”. Well actually, I do not know if “chic” is really the right word but I feel that it makes a difference in the appearance of a twist. I have red, white and black ribbons two different sizes (I might have to go back and get the super thin ones as well!)

I also plan on using the bigger ribbon as a “head band” to cause some distraction from my forehead :D! So it will be “play with ribbon time” :). 




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