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Lazy Girl Gibson Tuck (protective style)

Hey Maicurlies,

I (yet again) wanted to share a simple protective style that I seem to turn to whenever I am really not in the mood to fuss around with my hair or if my hair should be washed and I am slacking for the day (don’t judge me it happens!) 😀 

There are a number of  different ways in which I like to do the Gibson Tuck and today I wanted to share this method. 

It really is as simple and easy as it looks. 2 two strand twists on either side, 1 forward “flat twist” at the front (don’t judge my “forward flat twist” I know it is ugly LOL) and then you tuck away the rest of the hair by rolling and tucking it away under the headband. Pin back the twists and presto you are done! 

I use a headband for two reasons. 1. it acts as an accessory and 2. I use it to help tuck away the hair that isn’t twisted. 

Like I said there are several different ways in which you can do the Gibson tuck so on the day when I recorded the video 

I also took a few pictures of another versions of the style and changed up the headband (I really need to make a new headband to spruce things up). 

What do you think, Gibson tucks yay or nay? Do you have favorite Gibson tuck styles? If so let me know, I would love to hear from you! 




Protective Style & Castor Oil Week 4 Update

Another week done Maicurlies!

Protective Style Challenge Week 4

Protective Style Challenge Week 4

I am on the last 2 weeks of my Protective Style and Castor Oil challenge and haven’t given up yet! 😀

For a recap of my previous weeks click below:

How did my fourth week go?

It went by well. I was able to protect my hair for 6 days and used my Castor Oil Mix 4 times in the week. I did a REALLY simple updo at the start of the week (I don’t want to call it “boring”)  – the “Gibson Tuck” and then finished with what I call the “Chameleon Twist” (I liked this one!)

What Did I do?

  • I did my wash day routine on Sunday, a Henna Gloss followed by a moisturizing Deep Condition, moisturized and sealed before twisting 9  chunky twists.
  • Day 1 – After taking down the twists I massaged my Castor Oil Mix on my scalp, hairline, ends and put my hair in the Gibson Tuck with 2 two-strand twists on the side and a chunky two strand twist at the front – pinned as a “side bang”.
Gibson Tuck with two two strand twists on the side and a chunky two strand twist as a side bang.

Gibson Tuck with two two strand twists on the side and a chunky two strand twist as a side bang.

Twisted Twist

                                                         Twisted Twist

– After making one big two strand twist from 7 medium twists held at then center of my head I tucked away the ends of my hair by wrapping it around the base.

Chameleon twist with pompadour

                                            Chameleon twist with pompadour

  • Day 5 – I took the Chameleon Twist down and massaged my scalp (as best I could), hairline and the ends of each of the 7 twists with my Castor Oil Mix then wrapped it back up.
  • Day 6 – At night took my hair down, massaged my scalp, hairline and ends with the Castor Oil Mix and pineappled to sleep.
  • Day 7 – Wash day routine and then got my hair ready to be set for week 5.

Castor Oil Challenge:

As mentioned, I used the blend 4 times during the week and my hair was suuuuuper smooth, moisturized, shiny and soft! I think my whipped butter sort of helped with that as well (particularly on my ends). I had been using my DIY Spray Leave-In Conditioner to remoisturize my hair mid week but decided to use the Creamy Leave-in and whipped butter for a change. My hair LOVED the combination of being moisturized and super sealed. I can’t say it enough, castor oil is the truth and when combined with other nourishing ingredients …bye bye dryness!

Looking forward to the last 2 weeks.

What do you think of the styles I did this week?