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Summer Feeling

Hi Maicurlies,

I’ve got that summer feeling from my toes to my hair! Something for the pool, something for sunny afternoons and finally a little something for when it’s extremely warm while keeping it cute!

I hope that where ever you might be the sun is shining and you are prepared for summer! 🙂

Summer Feeling


Easter Sunday with Family and Friends

I figured why not have three options to choose from this Easter Sunday. Whatever your traditions might be on Easter (be it attending church, a family brunch or spending time together with loved ones over dinner) I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday with Family and Friends

White skater dress

Belted dress

Floral dress
$80 – emp-online.it

Missguided high heel shoes
$21 – missguided.co.uk

AX Paris zipper bag
$10 – axparis.com

Gucci fragrance

Naomi Campbell red perfume
$50 – nelly.com

Beauty product

A Touch of Grey and Purple for a Rainy Day

Hi Maicurlies!

Over the last few days it was been a little rainy! (I am doing my happy rain dance because it hardly ever rains here!) So in the spirit of Rain I have put together a few pieces that I think are comfortable, will keep you warm, keep the rain off you but still give you that “fashion” feel. There is no need to have to compromise one (keeping the rain off you) for the other (wearing clothes you feel good in).

A Touch of Grey and Purple for a Rainy Day

I have to say the boots, jacket and bag are my favorite! 




Desert Trip

Hey Maicurlies!

So last weekend I was out of town camping with a big group (there were several hundred people) for a desert rock trip. I love being outdoors and I am the kinda girl who likes to wear comfortable clothes while camping.

I do not go “over the top” when I camp because what is the point right? I always wear pedal pushers and take shorts as well. I take an extra top and in case it gets a little nippy (which it can especially in the desert) I take a hoody or sweater.

I love being outdoors what about you?

Desert Trip