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Christmas & New Years Eve Outfits

Hey Maicurlies,
So it is that time of year again and apart from spending time with family and friends, the other thing I enjoy is dressing up for the occasion. These are just a few ideas for a Christmas Eve dinner outfit (left) and a cute little number to ring in the New Year (right).
Wishing you, your family and loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

Christmas & New Years Eve Outfits - http://maicurlz.polyvore.com/

Christmas & New Years Eve Outfits – http://maicurlz.polyvore.com/




Shopping Day

Hey Maicurlies,

Over the weekend I ended up doing a little shopping (window shopping) to get inspired for Christmas gifts. I like keeping it simple while shopping so I don’t have to worry too much about whether everything is “in place” while walking around for hours and rushing whenever needed.

Walking around in this would be AWESOME! If I came across these pieces they would be bought (for myself) and quickly!

Have you started Christmas shopping? If so, what did you buy? I would love to hear from you, maybe get a little inspiration from Maicurlies!

I hope you are having a lovely day and will have a fantastic week ahead!




Dressing up Jeans


Hey Maicurlies,

So one of my favorite pieces of clothing is jeans. I always have and always will be a jeans girl. With a few different tops and accessories you can pull off different looks with just a pair of jeans and a jacket. Adding a little color and bold earrings can jazz up the look or you can keep it simple by using plain colors and cute accessories. So much love for a good pair of jeans and a nice top 🙂

Dressing up Jeans

Topshop crop shirt

Linea Weekend brown biker jacket
$88 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Athleta clothing

ONLY slim fit bootcut jeans
$80 – only.com

White Leaf rhinestone earrings
$21 – psyche.co.uk

Pieces black jewelry
$36 – pieces.com

Charm necklace

ALDO bracelet bangle

Bead jewelry

Deco bracelet

In love with pencil skirts

Hey Maicurlies! 

As you can probably tell, I have fallen in love with pencil skirts! I just find them really elegant and flattering. I actually think if you are a little curvy they bring out the best of your curves! 

Paired with a chic blouse, pretty heels (aren’t they cute) and complimenting earrings you can wear pencil skirts to work, a lunch meeting or out for dinner with your significant other. 

Let me know if you love pencil skirts too!

In love with pencil skirts

Calvin klein blouse

River Island yellow top
$45 – nelly.com

Jane Norman cream pencil skirt
$31 – janenorman.co.uk

River Island tribal print skirt
$38 – riverisland.com

Elastic waist skirt
$21 – zalando.co.uk

Office black high heel shoes
$48 – office.co.uk

Dorothy Perkins green handbag

John Lewis stud earring set
$26 – johnlewis.com

Shopping Haul

Hello Maicurlies! 

I was given some gift cards for my birthday and decided I wanted to use them up before they expire and during the current sales in town I did some SHOPPINNNG! Let me tell you I looooove shopping. I can spend hours and hours trying on different clothes and shoes!

Clothes, Makeup, Accessories and Essential Oils

I have mentioned this before, but I am not a “fashionista” and I do not really follow fashion trends. I wear what I like, feel comfortable in and makes me feel good. I tend to keep it simple when it comes to colors (black, white, grey, purple and red are my colors) although deep inside I wish I were a little “bolder” (too many colors scares me a little). The same goes for my makeup. I do not go overboard first and foremost because I have sensitive skin so layering on tons of makeup is just asking for me to breakout in spots. I am not a makeup artist by any stretch of the imagination…contouring…what now??  I like a natural look with neutral colors. The “boldest” colors I use are purple eye shadows and also some purple or green eyeliner woohoo!                   

Anyways, I just felt like sharing what I got because I had a really good day shopping and got a ton of stuff I like! 

Below is some closeups of the cloths, makeup and Essential oils I got 🙂

If you enjoy shopping as much as I do I would love to hear what you like to pick up!




Easter Sunday with Family and Friends

I figured why not have three options to choose from this Easter Sunday. Whatever your traditions might be on Easter (be it attending church, a family brunch or spending time together with loved ones over dinner) I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday with Family and Friends

White skater dress

Belted dress

Floral dress
$80 – emp-online.it

Missguided high heel shoes
$21 – missguided.co.uk

AX Paris zipper bag
$10 – axparis.com

Gucci fragrance

Naomi Campbell red perfume
$50 – nelly.com

Beauty product

Valentines Day Shindig

Hello Maicurlies,

So in honor of Valentines day (although I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of it) I have put together a little red and black combo. Even if you happen to not be on a date you can still dress up, get your girlies together, have dinner and hit the town.

Relationship or not I hope you have a fantastic day filled with love and laughter!Valentines Shindig



Red & Black Winter Idea

Hello Maicurlies,

So I came across Polyvore while looking at a post made by Sass ‘N Culz  that she called “Friday Sass—Christmas Night Out” and loved it! (She has great style btw!) So I figured why not throw in a little fashion as well.

Now I am not a “Fashionista” by any means but I do love clothes though! Every girl does right? 

Red & Black winter

Red & Black winter by maicurlz featuring a black hosiery

So I basically thought this would be a really cute simple look!  I only just started so I am still try to get to know the whole site, but it really is awesome!

What do you think?