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Easter Sunday with Family and Friends

I figured why not have three options to choose from this Easter Sunday. Whatever your traditions might be on Easter (be it attending church, a family brunch or spending time together with loved ones over dinner) I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday with Family and Friends

White skater dress

Belted dress

Floral dress
$80 – emp-online.it

Missguided high heel shoes
$21 – missguided.co.uk

AX Paris zipper bag
$10 – axparis.com

Gucci fragrance

Naomi Campbell red perfume
$50 – nelly.com

Beauty product

A Little Green With Envy

Happy Weekend Maicurlies!

I have to admit that I have not always been the biggest “fan” of green however this shade seemed to catch my eye! I also like the combination of Green and Purple. I am sure in the “fashion world” my combination will probably not work for the professionals however, in my little world it does. I also had to throw in the white jacket because it was too cute to skip and those shoes!!! 

Yes I do love this combination. What do you think? 

A Little Green With Envy