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Gold & Brown Glow

Good Afternoon Maicurlies,

I am currently feeling Gold and Brown which is what inspired this look. How I would love to throw something like this on! I am about to go shopping so who knows I might get lucky! 

I hope you are have a great weekend!

Gold & Brown Glow

Jane Norman cowl neck sweater
$36 – janenorman.co.uk

Jag stretch pants

Gucci suede boots
$1,185 – profilefashion.com



Red & Black Winter Idea

Hello Maicurlies,

So I came across Polyvore while looking at a post made by Sass ‘N Culz  that she called “Friday Sass—Christmas Night Out” and loved it! (She has great style btw!) So I figured why not throw in a little fashion as well.

Now I am not a “Fashionista” by any means but I do love clothes though! Every girl does right? 

Red & Black winter

Red & Black winter by maicurlz featuring a black hosiery

So I basically thought this would be a really cute simple look!  I only just started so I am still try to get to know the whole site, but it really is awesome!

What do you think?