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In love with pencil skirts

Hey Maicurlies! 

As you can probably tell, I have fallen in love with pencil skirts! I just find them really elegant and flattering. I actually think if you are a little curvy they bring out the best of your curves! 

Paired with a chic blouse, pretty heels (aren’t they cute) and complimenting earrings you can wear pencil skirts to work, a lunch meeting or out for dinner with your significant other. 

Let me know if you love pencil skirts too!

In love with pencil skirts

Calvin klein blouse

River Island yellow top
$45 – nelly.com

Jane Norman cream pencil skirt
$31 – janenorman.co.uk

River Island tribal print skirt
$38 – riverisland.com

Elastic waist skirt
$21 – zalando.co.uk

Office black high heel shoes
$48 – office.co.uk

Dorothy Perkins green handbag

John Lewis stud earring set
$26 – johnlewis.com

Football Mania!

No matter where you happen to be in the world or who you might support, football (or soccer) is in the air! I am a BIG fan of football and not just when it is World Cup time so you better believe I shall be watching the matches! I could not get all of the jerseys to share the love (I proudly support two teams one of which does not have a jersey on Polyvore :(). Anyways if you happen to be in Brazil (I envy you) are watching at home, in a bar or public viewing, my message is support your team and do not spread hate!

Football is for everyone 😀

Football Mania!
Happy watching Maicurlies!


Desert Trip

Hey Maicurlies!

So last weekend I was out of town camping with a big group (there were several hundred people) for a desert rock trip. I love being outdoors and I am the kinda girl who likes to wear comfortable clothes while camping.

I do not go “over the top” when I camp because what is the point right? I always wear pedal pushers and take shorts as well. I take an extra top and in case it gets a little nippy (which it can especially in the desert) I take a hoody or sweater.

I love being outdoors what about you?

Desert Trip


Gold & Brown Glow

Good Afternoon Maicurlies,

I am currently feeling Gold and Brown which is what inspired this look. How I would love to throw something like this on! I am about to go shopping so who knows I might get lucky! 

I hope you are have a great weekend!

Gold & Brown Glow

Jane Norman cowl neck sweater
$36 – janenorman.co.uk

Jag stretch pants

Gucci suede boots
$1,185 – profilefashion.com



Red & Black Winter Idea

Hello Maicurlies,

So I came across Polyvore while looking at a post made by Sass ‘N Culz  that she called “Friday Sass—Christmas Night Out” and loved it! (She has great style btw!) So I figured why not throw in a little fashion as well.

Now I am not a “Fashionista” by any means but I do love clothes though! Every girl does right? 

Red & Black winter

Red & Black winter by maicurlz featuring a black hosiery

So I basically thought this would be a really cute simple look!  I only just started so I am still try to get to know the whole site, but it really is awesome!

What do you think?