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A Touch of Grey and Purple for a Rainy Day

Hi Maicurlies!

Over the last few days it was been a little rainy! (I am doing my happy rain dance because it hardly ever rains here!) So in the spirit of Rain I have put together a few pieces that I think are comfortable, will keep you warm, keep the rain off you but still give you that “fashion” feel. There is no need to have to compromise one (keeping the rain off you) for the other (wearing clothes you feel good in).

A Touch of Grey and Purple for a Rainy Day

I have to say the boots, jacket and bag are my favorite! 




From the office to a light night out

Hello Maicurlies,

I sometimes meet up with friends after work (especially when I have been in the office for hours!) In cases like this, instead completely changing your outfit in your office bathroom, you can always plan ahead and wear something you can easily modify from the professional office look…to a fun light night.

While I generally do not go out during the week (I have to admit I am not longer in my mid or late 20’s anymore :() on the rare occasion I do meet my friends during the week. Nights like that are not “crazy” therefore I do not want to get too “dolled up” for it. A nice top, trousers, a pretty pair of earrings accompanied with the right shoes and bag can be all you need.

So before heading out the office (or your car), take off your jacket, swap out the shoes and pick up your clutch bag and you are good to go! 

Hope you dig this look as much as I do! 

Office to a light night out