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Ms. Toshia – Butter Me Up Natural In Business on Maicurls

Hello Maicurlies,

It has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to feature a beautiful natural so I am very excited to share a new “Natural In Business”with you today!

Ms. Toshia

Ms. Toshia, an extremely stunning natural business woman, is the proud owner of Butter Me Up and at such an young age (25) she has been able to achieve one part of her ultimate dreams by starting her very own business which, she endearingly refers to as her “baby”. Aside from the business aspect, Toshia has many other goals, one of them is becoming a successful performer & entertainer thanks to her singing and writing creativity, so keep an eye out for her Maicurlies and remember you read about her here when she hits the big screen! 😉

Butter Me Up came to fruition because of a number of reasons: dissatisfaction with Toshia’s previous job, her enthusiasm to create and craft things and a desire to cater to and inform consumers about “processed, synthetic ingredients & organic ingredients”.

As Maicurlies, I believe it is safe to say that you know I am crazy about natural products and Toshia’s deliciously scrumptious looking goodies are no exception (no you can not eat them)!

I am delighted to share more about the business concept of Butter Me Up and what motivated Toshia to create her company. You can read all about her story on my Feature Page here Please do not forget to check out: ButterMeUpGoods.com & browse through the store (she has a lot on the “shelf”) and I promise  they look so good you will want to eat them! 

Thank you for sharing with us Toshia! 



Ms. Sharon Njavika – AJANI Handmade Natural In Business on Maicurls

Good Morning Maicurlies,

It delights me to be able to share another Natural in Business on my Feature Page today! 


Ms. Sharon Njavika – AJANI Handmade

AJANI Handmade is a Kenyan run online store that sells two core products: a natural water- based, shea-butter based whipped moisturizer for hair and skin as well as an oil blend designed for sensitive, itchy and flaky scalp and hair care.


 The director of AJANI Handmade, a stunning naturalista herself Ms. Sharon Njavik has such a passion and drive for this new company that I can only see it developing, growing and thriving in the months and years to come. I think the aspect that most caught my attention is the fact that AJANI Handmade is much more than just selling beauty/care products. They focus on self love, confidence, wellbeing and supporting black women. 

“AJANI Handmade is a social enterprise that is grounded in perpetuating messages of beauty, worth and capacity to black women and girls. We produce and retail natural, health- conscious products that complement these messages. In an effort to take our work beyond the internet, we have collaborated with another social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya, AM Cafe- http://www.amcafe.org/ whose work exists to strengthen intellectual and emotional capacities to dream of a better future…over a cup of coffee and sweet pastries.

We joint efforts to host a 2 of a 3 part informal dialogue series where we bring together women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to discuss and analyse “how self- image affects our interactions in social and economic spaces.” More about this series can be found under the “Dialogue series” section on our blog- http://www.ajanihandmade.com/blog/


While at the moment AJANI Handmade has focused on producing and selling two core products they do plan on expanding their products as well as reaching out further in the market by making them available Internationally. Apart from their products, AJANI Handmade also seeks to be a source of information, teaching and learning therefore if any of you are interested to contribute your knowledge and experience please do reach out to them on www.ajanihandmade.com/blog!

I am excited to share the story and business concept of AJANI Handmade which you can read on my Feature Page here. Please do not forget to check out: www.ajanihandmade.com it is a beautiful site with really great products! 

Thank you for sharing with us Sharon! 



Ms. D’Arcy – Crazy4Coconut Natural In Business on Maicurls

Good Evening Maicurlies,

I am so excited to share my first “Natural In Business” Feature on my blog!!! 

D'Arcy - Crazy4Coconutt

D’Arcy – Crazy4Coconut

The ever so stunning Naturalista D’Arcy is the brainchild and owner of Crazy4Coconut (seriously look at her and her stunning hair!). D’Arcy was kind enough to share the story behind her online store which as you probably guessed, mainly incorporates Coconut but she does offer other items/products too. 

Everything D’Arcy sells are all natural and can be used on both hair and skin. Crazy4Coconut offers oils, butters, scrubs, clay and even jewelry. (D’Arcy I might have to get some of those earrings, they are beautiful!) 

This naturalista’s site is not only about her store, she also blogs about her hair, hair care and having a healthy lifestyle. 

I have the full story about D’Arcy and her company here on my Feature page. After reading her story, please take a few moments to visit Crazy4Coconut to take a peek at D’Arcy’s beautiful products and the wonderful work she does on her blog!

Thank you for sharing with us D’Arcy!




Ms. Kesia – Feature Story on Maicurls

Hi Maicurlies,

Yes, It is another one of those days where I have two posts in one day but I couldn’t help myself! I am happy to introduce my latest beautiful naturalista feature… Ms. Kesia!

Kesia 2014

Kesia is another “Old Timer” natural who was kind enough to share her lovely story and photos with me. Kesia also runs her own blog IslandKynks (which you need to check out) full of DIY’s, hair style inspiration and tips. Her story starts off like so many of us naturals the “culprit”? Relaxers, the end? A head full of beautiful natural hair, but of course not without trial and error and learning phases. 

Once again I want to highlight the fact that IslandKynks is full of really great reads, easy to do recipes, great photos and inspiration so please go check it out! You can read Kesia’s full hair journey here on my Feature Page. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kesia! 





Ms. Rae – Feature Story on Maicurls

Hi Maicurlies,

I know, I know, two posts in one day?! But I was really excited to introduce to you my newest beautiful natural head…Ms. Rae! 


Rae is an “Old Timer” natural who works in field of Instructional Design, runs (owns) the beautiful blog Love Thy Introvert and if that wasn’t enough she also admins the inspiring blog The Natural Hair Blog Directory . She did me the honor of allowing me to feature her hair journey which can be read here.

In case natural hair interests you (which I am guessing it does!) or perhaps you want to delve into the world of understanding personalities, instructional design, life or Christianity then Love Thy Introvert is the blog for you. I would also recommend that you check out The Natural Hair Blog Directory because the amount of inspiration you can get through all the bloggers and vloggers on there is incredible! 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Rae! 




Ms. Shanti – Feature Story on Maicurls

Good Afernoon Maicurlies,


I do not know why I am so lucky but I am not complaining! Today I get to share with you the impressively courageous story of Ms. Shanti – fellow Blogger and Vlogger. Shanti “co-chairs” the blog ‘Around The Way Curls’ and it consists of an amazing collection of Photos, Hair Styles, Hair Care/Routines, DIY Recipes, General Life Topics and much more! Do not miss out on the opportunity to take a gander at the Blog…it is well worth it! 

Shanti was kind enough to share her ‘no fear’ – Big Chop journey which you can read here. Apart from Around The Way Curls I also came across a YouTube Channel Curls Bf and if I am not mistaken I spotted her beautiful face and hair on there as well. So after reading her story please do take a look at her work you will not regret it! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Shanti!