Ms. Shanti – Feature Story on Maicurls

Good Afernoon Maicurlies,


I do not know why I am so lucky but I am not complaining! Today I get to share with you the impressively courageous story of Ms. Shanti – fellow Blogger and Vlogger. Shanti “co-chairs” the blog ‘Around The Way Curls’ and it consists of an amazing collection of Photos, Hair Styles, Hair Care/Routines, DIY Recipes, General Life Topics and much more! Do not miss out on the opportunity to take a gander at the Blog…it is well worth it! 

Shanti was kind enough to share her ‘no fear’ – Big Chop journey which you can read here. Apart from Around The Way Curls I also came across a YouTube Channel Curls Bf and if I am not mistaken I spotted her beautiful face and hair on there as well. So after reading her story please do take a look at her work you will not regret it! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Shanti!



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