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DIY Aloe Vera Juice

Hey Maicurlies,

Today I have a really quick and simple DIY.

By Sommai - Aloe Vera Fresh Leaf www.freedigitalphotos.net

By Sommai – Aloe Vera Fresh Leaf http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Yup, fresh Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ). This bad boy has been in my routine on and off for a while but for whatever reason I sometimes forget about this little gem. I already wrote about the benefits of using AVJ for everything (hair, skin health) please read here before applying it (especially if this is new to you).

In my previous post I just briefly explained how I make my own AVJ so I decided to record a quick video since I was preparing a new batch. 

How I use it:

So obviously I add AVJ to my DIY mixes e.g. flaxseed gel, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioners spray bottle etc.

I always mix AVJ with something (water/liquid/another product etc). Some people complain that AVJ makes their hair feel a little rough and dry so if you are not diluting it that probably is why. I usually use 1 part AVJ (which has vitamin E added to it) with no less than 2 parts or more water/liquid/product. 

Another reason why your hair might not “play nice” with AVJ could be because of the weather in your area. If you happen to live in cold and dry climates this can impact how your hair reacts to AVJ since it is a humectant that draws moisture in the air (humidity) to the area it is applied. So if the air is really dry then the opposite happens, there is no moisture for the hair to absorb and you can be left with hair that feels dry. If on the other hand you have extreme humidity in the air, you might notice “frizz” and that is because your hair is drawing int too much moisture and the hair strands become over saturated with water. So you might need to experiment to find out if your hair likes AVJ and you might need to figure out how to dilute the mix so you are not left with dry hair. I ALWAYS end up with super shiny and moisturized hair whenever I use it. 

TIP: Fresh AVJ does not necessarily smell nice so adding an Essential Oil E.g. tea tree, Peppermint, Grapefruit etc will not only help to extend the shelf life a little but will also help make it smell nice. 

Do you use AVJ? How do you use it and do you make it yourself? I would love to hear from you!




Aloe Vera Juice For Hair, Health and Skin

Hi Maicurlies,

This is going to be more of a “I’m so excited I had to share” post! If you have not already noticed I am a big fan of Aloe Vera and with good reason too (if you ask me.) I do not want to repeat myself but it is great for our hair and skin.

Some people will actually add AVJ to their drinks because when ingested it is known to help:

  • Indigestion
  • Detoxify the body of toxins
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase energy levels …and much more

Keep in mind that it is known to be a  “mild laxative” and is also known to lower blood sugar levels therefore you should consult your doctor/physician before consuming AVJ.  

 Now when it comes to our hair AVJ is known to:

  • Maintain the pH level of the hair and scalp
  • Promote Hair Growth
  • Eliminate itchy scalp and scalp dryness
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Reduce Dandruff
  • Acts as a conditioning agent
  • Restore shine and luster
  • Help fight against Alopecia

As a skin care agent AVJ is known to:

  • Prevent early signs of ageing
  • Reduce irritations caused by shaving
  • Help keep the skin supple and rejuvenated
  • Heal small cuts and wounds
  • Sooth insect bites
  • Brighten and reduces blemishes
  • Reduce hyper pigmentation 
  • Moisturise the skin
  • Remove dead cells 
  • heals cuts and wounds, dermatitis and also insect bites

I honestly just wanted to showcase the fact that I got not one but two HUGE plants and one little one! 

I normally would “borrow” a few leafs from my mother’s plant whenever I could so I finally decided to get some and here are a few pictures of the leafs I cut.

Look at how HUGE they are! I am so excited.

The “baby” plant needs TLC in order for it to grow but grow it shall! 


Alright enough raving for today!

P.S. I have already touched upon the benefits of AVJ and how I use it in my DIY Hair Gel and my DIY Creamy Leave-In Conditioner and Spray Leave-In Conditioner.




IMPORTANT! I am not a Doctor, Physician nor a Cosmetologist. I am just providing information for educational purposes and any use thereof is solely at your own risk. The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.  Once you have done that, do patch tests before you put anything all over your head or skin. Please consider this as my advice. You are responsible if you choose to follow some of my methods. 

Skin Care Written Up

Alright guys so I just wanted to give you a very quick summary of all the Skin Care Routine write-ups I have done so far (04.09.2013)

I have basically written up ALL of my Skin Care Routines. I not only show the ingredients I use to create my DIY products but I also provide the quantities I use, mixing instructions and application process.  As and when I make videos I will be adding image demonstrations of the application or mixing processes because it is a little easier to follow if there are pictures along with the write-ups. 

The Skin Care Routine Write-ups I have are:

Click here to go to my Skin Care Routines Page. I also added a section of alternatives that you can use! 

I really do hope you guys find this interesting!