Hair Care While Camping

Good Afternoon Maicurlies,

So I got back from a camping trip (on a stunningly beautiful beach with a lagoon on the other side)  and decided it might be a good idea to share what I take with my in terms of my hair care and what I do with my hair. Look at that view! 

So first of all my hair and Ocean water (salt water) just DO NOT MIX! They are like Oil and Water…it is just a no go! It is fine while I am actually in the Ocean…it is after I get out and my hair starts to air dry that it becomes let us just say vengeful.  It feels weirdly crunchy because of the salt in the water. The salt content in the Ocean here is really high and like I said it is just not a good mix for me. 

Anyways so while I want to be able to relax, enjoy the sea, swim, chill with friends, eat and party (who does not like a little partying) I also know that if I neglect my hair it will come back to haunt me 3 fold! 

So when I go camping (especially if I will be at the sea) I take:

  • A spray water bottle
  • A little of my DIY (Creamy) Leave-In Conditioner – I pour some a little travel sized plastic container
  • A little of my Mixed Sealing Oils  – I pour some a little travel sized plastic container

Before I apply anything to my hair I ALWAYS make sure I at least rinse my hair (if I get it wet in the sea.) This helps to remove the salt build up, sand and dust. Then I proceed with applying the items mentioned above.

Now the spray water bottle helps “freshen my curls” but more importantly it helps to keep my hair from feeling dry as well as aids in distributing my DIY (Creamy) Leave-In Conditioner. 

The (Creamy) Leave-In Conditioner helps to restore moisture that I know I lose due to the salt in the water, heat, wind and all the other elements that can affect the moisture of my hair.

Finally, the Mixed Oils is used to help retain that moisture I added through the water and (Creamy) Leave-In Conditioner. 

Now I do try to keep my hair either in a protective style before I actually go camping otherwise I will put it up in a bun.

That is it Maicurlies! Let me know what you  do to protect your hair when you go camping, swimming etc.




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