DIY (Creamy) Leave-In Conditioner Video uploaded and Additional Blog Page: Mai Tips – Hair

Good Evening Maicurlies,


So I have uploaded another video! I put up my Creamy Leave-In Conditioner Video which I use as part of my Daily Routine. It is the second option of my DIY moisturizers that I use when my hair is feeling dry. Before I apply it I will first lightly mist my hair with water, apply the Leave-In and then Seal the moisture with my Mix Sealing Oil.

I have a link to the video here and you can read a little more about my mix here

I also decided to create a page where I have put together all of the little “tips” I jot down regarding hair care. For example about trimming my ends, what I take with my when I travel (for my hair), what I do when I go camping etc. The page is called “Mai Tips – Hair“. I will also start with a Skin Tips page shortly. 

I hope you have a lovely night!




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