H2O and Essential Oil Mist

Hi Maicurlies,


So today I figured I would do a post on the ” Hair Mists” I have experimented with during the course of my Natural Hair Journey. The basic recipe of the Hair Mists I have used consisted of  water and Essential Oil. Usually:


  • 1 cup of distilled or bottled water (based on the size of the spray bottle I use)

essential oils

  • 5 drops of essential oils

There are different kinds of Essential Oils one can use for different purposes. The Oils I have experimented with are:


  • Known to promote growth by stimulating circulation
  • Acts as an antiseptic for the scalp.
  • Known to remove dandruff and lice. 
  • Help scalp irritation, dry skin and makes hair healthy and shiny. 


  • Known for its balancing, soothing, regenerative and antibacterial properties.
  • Good treatment for dandruff and itchy scalps.
  • Can help control hair breakage and improve hair growth.
  • Known to help treat alopecia areata (a condition where you lose excessive hair in patches.)

Ylang Ylang

  • Can help reduce stress.
  • Can help increase the thickness of the hair shaft to grow thicker hair.
  • Can have a balancing effect on scalp oil production.
  • Said to help with split ends.

Apart from the properties mentioned above I use the Hair Mist as a “nice smelling curl refresher” in the morning when I want to revitalize my curls instead of using plain water. Just shake up the spray bottle before you use it so that you distribute the Oil a little. 

There you go Maicurlies! I would love to know what essential oils you use!




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