Thank You Ms. Victoria Davis Blogger of

Good Morning Maicurlies,

So this morning I randomly decided to visit Victoria’s Blog just to see what she might have posted lately and I came across this post. Now I do not know how to explain this apart from saying that it is amazing how someone I have never met before in real life can be so supportive! We both have a passion for our natural curly hair and I had the honor of not only having my story posted on her blog (I provided a link to it in a previous post here) but she also was kind enough to allow me to feature her own story on my Blog here.

I was so touched that she would ask her dedicated followers to check out my little blog! Now I know I am new to all this and have not even scratched the surface of the reader/follower reach Victoria has with her blog however, I still feel like I need to say THANK YOU and hope that anyone who happens to stubble upon my Blog will go check out her own! As “corny” as it might sound I truly am so touched by her willingness and selflessness to 1. show support for someone she has never met and 2. has not yet made a name for herself in the World Wide Web of Blogging! So once again Victoria THANK YOU!!! 

Have a fantastic day!




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